The West Loch Disaster – 71st Anniversary Memorial (May 21, 1944)

Posted on May 24, 2015


We traveled out on the “LTG. William B. Bunker” an Army LSV Ship, to the lochs outside of Pearl Harbor across from Whiskey Pier to lay a wreath in the water near the last visible Hull the LST 480 rusting in the Hallow waters of West Loch. Here is my video footage of the ride out with the Coast Guard, the Navy, the Marines and Army crew to the rusty Hull of the LST-480 which still stands as the last visible remnant of the disaster in the hallow waters at West Loch Hawaii.

The West Loch explosion near Pearl Harbor was followed by a Media Blackout and the incident was not declassified by the DOD Department of Defense until 1960. It is our hope that one day there will be a Placard displayed at the Pearl Harbor Museum with the individual names of the 29th Chemical Decontamination Unit from Schofield Barracks and the Naval Veterans and Civilians who lost their lives on that day. Video filmed and Edited by Tina Quizon.

West Loch Disaster - May 21, 1944 (Photo  - DOD Navy Archives)

The explosion of ammunition and the fires continued through out the night at West Loch with 6 ships exploding and many Soldiers and Naval Crewmen losing their lives that day on May 21, 1944 (Photo – DOD Navy Archives)

The Hull of the LST - 480 photo by Tina Quizon

The Hull of the LST – 480, standing in the Hallow waters of West Loch, as seen from the Army LSV Ship on the 71st Anniversary of the West Loch Disaster. Photo by Tina Quizon

Link to Full Cruise with General Dorman speech honoring the Fallen heroes of the West Loch Disaster Watch our TV footage ” West Loch Disaster – 71st Anniversary Memorial” here: