Mayor Caldwell continues to violate the Constitutional rights of Honolulu Homeless individuals

Posted on April 23, 2015


Plain and simple the Honolulu Mayor’s “Sit N Lie” ban is criminal and a violation of a persons Constitutional rights, there is no enforceable ordinance for Camping, and we are asking the Honolulu City Attorneys to tell the truth instead of hiding behind the Mayors agenda and won’t tell the facts.

This is just more of an example of how the State of Hawaii and the city of Honolulu leadership won’t stand up and do the right thing to protect a Homeless Individuals constitutional rights. It was found unconstitutional in 2007, the Mayor continues his self serving agenda, and our council members are violating individual rights as they continue on this sub human path. We have ask the city to talk about the appeal that was won by Marie Beltram who was arrested for camping at Kaena Point, Beltram won the appeal at the Supreme Court who determined the City of Honolulu arrest and prosecution was unconstitutional. Read the Supreme Courts 2007 decision here:

Photo courtesy of Honolulu Star Advertiser

Mayor Caldwell’s “Sit N Lie” Ban agenda is criminal and nothing more than an unconstitutional denial of the Constitutional rights of Homeless Individuals