Don’t be silent about the truth of Breast Cancer

Posted on March 27, 2015


Don’t be silent about the truth of Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer Survivor – Iwalani Walsh Tseu shares her journey.

Iwalani Evelyn Rae Wahinekapu Walsh Tseu, a Cancer Survivor and successor herself of Breast Cancer, shares her slogan, “Don’t be silent about the truth, speak out, get educated, open your eyes, learn more, open your ears, listen to the facts and knowledge. And never turn your back against this horrific disease called Breast Cancer”.

Watch part 1 of our “Pathways to Paradise” TV Interview with Iwalani Tseu at this link :

The Beautiful Women of Hawaii and to raise funds for the Iwalani Foundation for Breast Cancer Awareness.

Iwalani Tseu and other Women Warriors share and Speak the truth about Breast Cancer.

Iwalani asks other to recognize that the journey doesn’t end with Breast Cancer, after two bouts with Cancer, she calls herself not only a survivor but a successor. As she continues her journey to inspire Woman and men that even though cancer has no boundaries and can attack anyone at anytime. Its is a battle that can be won, never giving up. Her goal is to educate other with her upcoming book the Magnificent Women of Hawaii, Iwalani is currently raising funds for the Coffee Table book. With her favorite saying and quotes like “Winners never quit and quitters never win”. Also stay tuned for the upcoming TV interviews, with the Iwalani Foundation for Breast Cancer Awareness Models who will share their stories of inspiration. 4/16/2015 – We Apologize the link we previously listed for Pictures Plus has been removed. You can see and purchase the Photo’s online at – Link no longer available.

Be bigger than life , like an elephant with a big gentle heart.

Iwalani Tseu, fulfilling her bucket list riding an Elephant after surviving Breast Cancer.

The Hulathon fundraiser is the 1st in the world, and will be open to the public and held on May 1st 2015, celebrating “The Beautiful Women of Hawaii” to raise funds for the Iwalani Foundation for Breast Cancer Awareness, she welcomes everyone to come, wear a lei, make a lei, give a lei in the spirit of ALOHA to others. Watch “Celebrating Hula for Breast Cancer Awareness” at the link all of the Cancer Survivors and Hula Dancers celebrating Hula for Breast Cancer, with Iwalani & Singer Melveen Leed at the link below:

Join us on May 1st, 9am-9pm at the Ward Warehouse Amphitheater for a full day of HULA and entertainment. For more information, and to participate in entertaining or to donate at the Iwalani Foundation PAYPAL please call 623 – 6776, Mahalo for your support.

Link to TV Show – Tops off for Breast Cancer :