Veterans Affair denial continues – Homeless in Paradise

Posted on January 13, 2015


Veterans Affair HUD VASH Denial Letter to Homeless Veteran Tina Quizon

Veterans Affair HUD VASH Denial Letter to Homeless Veteran Tina Quizon

No Housing First for Female Veterans is the reality of the VA’s campaign to continue to deny Homeless Services. VA’s Homeless Director Andrew Dahlberg handed me the latest Official Denial Letter from the Department of Veterans Affair and HUD, stating that there will be no help again for me from the VA and HUD. Here is the link to the Official VA HUD VASH Denial Letter # 456/119 to myself Tina Quizon:

VA HUD VASH denial Letter to Tina Quizon Jan. 9 2015

The facts are while Hawaii Homeless Task Force holds fancy Hotel gatherings with the States Homeless Czar Collin Kipin, HUD’s Mark Chandler and Veterans Affair Andrew Dahlberg, only regurgitating Statistics, theories and the rising numbers of Homeless in Hawaii. The hard facts demonstrate and show the flawed policies and failures to really solve Hawaii Homelessness. And it makes sense if you have a cushy job with a large paycheck like Collin Kipin, you would not work your way out of a job by solving the homeless problem.

It is easy for the Mayor, VA’s Andrew Dahlberg, HUD’s Mark Chandler to keep the focus off these flawed, failed policies, adding harsh laws and tactics, people and families are treated like sub-human, no sitting, no lying, Honolulu City parks closed at night offering no ability to use the bathrooms without being arrested and made into a criminal. Honolulu Mayor Caldwell is using nothing more than fear and Domestic terrorism that divides the community. And keep the blame on Hawaii’s Homeless Population for the Affordable Housing Shortage, and the growing homeless problem. Hawaii has some of the highest Housing rates in the world, Teachers, families from the National Guard, Veterans and other working class homeless people continue to be without any solutions.

There is no roof over my head or light from any the ceiling for many of us. Last week I received what I thought was a hopeful email response from the VA Under Secretary Allison Hickey, but as of today all I have is the VA Official Denial Letter. Here is the email from the Under Secretary:

From: “Hickey, Allison, VBAVACO”
To:; “McDonald, Bob” ;; First Lady Press
Cc: “Pape, Lisa M.” ; VAVBAWAS/CO/Office of the USB VBA
Sent: Wednesday, January 7, 2015 6:44 PM
Subject: Re: [EXTERNAL] Fw: My email for you to send my VA HUD VASH denial letter to


I copied Lisa Pape at VA to assist.

Allison A. Hickey

Under Secretary
Veterans Benefits Administration
U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

All I got from the VA was a verbal assault and an interrogation from VA Employee Jackie Ngyuen telling me to move on I don’t qualify for services. Here is the link to the article and audio of the VA workers verbal attack.