All the President’s Men and One Woman

Posted on January 1, 2015


Crazy, would be if the President of the United States, Barack Obama, did not chase after his hopes and dreams of becoming the President of the greatest Country in the World, the United States of America. As many watched with anticipation Barack Obama’s run for the highest office and to become our Commander in Chief. The hopes and dreams of those who have been in the trenches feeling down trotted were lifted by a tenacity and a renewed strength of America’s purpose, watching one man beat the odds. America rose to a new level of Democracy on that day, as the 1st African American to take the sacred Presidential Oath of the Oval Office became a reality. Shattering what many believed were hurdles that would never been overcome in America.

Fast forward, President Obama achieves a second term in the Oval Office, having again the peoples vote. And when you look at the numbers for 2014, you can see the progression forward and revitalization of America. Wall Street, the DOW has hit a new all time high of 18000, Employment across the Nation is up and it’s a great out look to be the President when the price a barrel of Crude Oil is at a record low, affording many America’s a little cushion in their pocket book.

The President’s momentum and inspiration for me has been a driving force. As a Woman, I reflect on the opportunities afforded to me. It has been an honor and a grand achievement. As I again stand in the presence of a great leader, this year on the Tarmac, as a TV Producer filming Air Force One’s arrival and watch President Obama give his greetings. Stay tuned as I continue to cover the President’s Holiday visit and our “One on One Interview”.

Watch our Footage of President Obama at the link below:

Article by Tina Quizon

Tina Quizon TV Producer filming on the Tarmac as President Obama arrives to Honolulu Hawaii

Tina Quizon TV Producer filming on the Tarmac as President Obama arrives to Honolulu Hawaii