Domestic Violence “Doesn’t Discriminate” part 1

Posted on September 12, 2014


Family members at the trial for Jenny Hartsock who was stabbed in 2008  to death in a domestic violence, Kelly  the brother of  Jenny and the Uejo family reminded us "The system completely failed her" - Photo by Jeff Widener

Family members at the trial for Jenny Hartsock who was stabbed in 2008 to death in a domestic violence, Kelly the brother of Jenny and the Uejo family reminded us “The system completely failed her” – Photo by Jeff Widener

Let’s remember those who did not find the path to get out, be safe and walk away. “Jenny Hartsock was stabbed to death in 2008.” Several months before Jenny Hartstock’s death, Jenny was seriously injured in what her husband told police was an accident. He said he was cleaning a knife when he tripped and fell on her as she slept in a bedroom. The knife landed with such force that it went completely through one of Jenny’s legs and into the other. Jenny’s Family (the Uejo’s) said Roy Hartsock continued to fool authorities who classified the stabbing as an accident. Her brother Kelly and the Ujeo’s reminded us that “The system completely failed her.”

As with this weeks events that did not at first rise to any level of response from HPD, except a hush up to cover up of before HPD Chief Louis Kealoha opened the Police investigation into the alleged assault by HPD officer caught on video. The Honolulu Police Department was forced after a video was released by a community member to opened the internal affairs investigation of the off-duty HPD sergeant that was seen on surveillance video throwing punches and appearing to assault his girlfriend in her place of employment at Kuni’s Resturant in Waipahu.

This is another incident of HPD misuse and abuse of power happening under Honolulu Police Department Chief Louis Kealoha watch. I believe it is time for Chief Kealoha to step down and the community to send a strong message to HPD that criminal and wrongful privileged actions by HPD will not be tolerated and put a new HPD Chief in charge.

I found this to be a standard practice of HPD officers not making an arrest. Often times HPD Officers will not even make a report of a domestic violence, an incident report or an arrest. As in this incident and with the News Stories from across Hawaii that were reported how the police did not make an arrest or write a report, many times leaving the victim without any course of action. I myself witnessed HPD actually blaming me, the victim for the actions of the perpetrator. And in my own experience, when you file a complaint as the victim you never get a response from the department or any reply as to tell you what corrective action has been taken for the HPD officers failure to do their job. Glad to see Hawaii News Now talking about this, perhaps that why as some Doctors and Mental Health leaders are discussing why many victims are unable to move beyond the Domestic Violence or deny there is a Domestic Violence problem.

Remember you do not have control over your partners violence, but you do have choices, remember the past acts of violence and get out to safety.

In Honolulu you can get help and more information at the Domestic Abuse Hotline call for information at 808-841-0822.

Follow our updates of this series of Articles – Domestic Violence “Doesn’t Discriminate”, find events you can participant in & support, information and suggestions from experts to help yourself or someone who may be in a Domestic Violence situation.


Photo by Jeff Widener

Domestic Violence “Doesn’t Discriminate”, it can happen to anyone, regardless of your race, gender, color, age, income, success. There are many myths about Domestic Violence, we need to bring about the dialogues in society to change the stigma of the many myths & misconceptions out there, as it’s “the VICTIMS fault” and other beliefs. We can all help bring the necessary dialogues to the forefront of our communities.

October is Domestic Violence Awareness month, lets not wait for the next ambulance to take someone away. Bring out your voice, inform and support, help someone walk away from the hurts and the shame.

Help bring the necessary dialogues to the forefront of our communities by talking opening about Domestic Violence, lets turn the Shame into “A life saved”, which may be your own, or someone you love.” I know I found the people and support to walk away from the Abuse.

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