Honolulu City Prosecutors rather convict Homeless Female Veteran than White Male Special Agent who kills a local boy

Posted on August 16, 2014


Updated August 16, 2014

Article by Tina Quizon,

If the Honolulu City Prosecutor would have taken the same amount of tireless “stop at nothing energy and determination used to prosecute and convict me “a Homeless Female Veteran” of trespassing in a Veterans Affair Program, there would have been a different outcome and a verdict of guilty this week for Christopher Deedy.

But everyone in this State of Hawaii know its more of a crime to be a veteran and homeless here in Hawaii, than to be a white male law enforcement special agent, out drinking alcohol, brandishing a gun and killing a local boy.

This is the sad reality of our State of Hawaii and across our nation, as Kollin Elderts joins the ranks of others who are murdered and lose their voice, no chance to testify, no one seeking justice for the silenced victim. Trayvon Martin, Vincent Chin, Michael Brown, all unarmed, all dead, while the perpetrators of these heinous murders and law enforcement are allowed to make negative comments, give unsubstantiated testimony and speak unfounded lies on behalf the dead victim during the court trials. Basically allowed to put words in a dead mans mouth. These haunting acts are never addressed but allowed to fester at the very core of humanity and in our judicial systems to repeat themselves over and over again. More White Males are not prosecuted or convicted of crimes especially of murder, while people of color, women and minorities are more often prosecuted, convicted and harshly punished for even the smallest crimes . The scales of justice continue to be tipped in favor of a White Male, White Males also continue to dominate lead positions in our judicial and law enforcement across the Nation. Leaving an even wider curvase of unfair prosecutions, convictions and sentencing.

As we see with so many of these trials with White Male Law Enforcement , Christopher Deedy and his attorney during the trial was allowed to paint a very negative picture of Elderts, while Deedy was portrayed as doing no wrong, even though Deedy’s choice of behavior was to follow Elderts from an earlier place and continue a confrontation, shows Deedy’s inexperience and inability to make sound responsible choices, opposes all law enforcement training, and reflects more of an off duty cocky “gun for hire”.

Deedy was allowed to make claims of what Kollin Elderts said to justify shooting Kollins with his Government issued weapon while off duty and consuming alcohol. Even though at one point Deedy’s attorney said the Deedy was in his law enforcement capacities. Deedy did not try to de-escalate the situation but was determined to fatally wound Kollins Elderts.

Honolulu City Prosecutors protract and encourage a broken system that only dishes out harsh and unreasonable punishment with force onto the Hawaiian People, Women, Veterans, and the Homeless. Hawaii history has for a long time allowed for people of color to be executed while White are handed no death sentence, not prosecuted or given a lesser sentence. As long as the City Prosecutor continues to breed this type of disproportion outcomes, where White Males are left off the hook, without any true prosecution, severe punishment and sentencing, we will see these unfair and unreasonable verdicts, that hold no justice to the victims and our people.

While Christopher Deedy is found not guilty and is able to walk away with a clean record no “Felony conviction”, it is ironic that our Attorney General David Louie, Lawrence Sousie and the Honolulu City Prosecutors , Andrew Dalhberg and the Veterans Affair, Noriko Namaki and the YWCA, Darryl Vincent and U.S. Veterans Initiative took me an innocent Female Veterans needing help because I was Homeless and had filed formal complaints to then Secretary Shinseki. I was instead harassed, retaliated and further harmed by the VA for speaking up as a whistleblower about my Medical/Personal information being left out unsecured, fed 4 month old rotten expired meat. Instead of any due process, I have been turned from a Veteran who honorably served my country, had never had a criminal record was innocent standing up for my rights. I was turned into a convicted Criminal with harmful lies in my court judicial record of “Felony evidence and drug court dates” inserted by the Hawaii State Courts, the Veterans Affair (VA) into my court record and into my case on the Hawaii Judicial Website. Where is the justice when a white man is protected under a so-called badge of the law can murder an unarmed local boy and go free unsheathe no Felony prosecution, yet a female Veterans who served her country and was trying to get back onto her feet is charged punished called a felon even though I have never been charged with any felony crimes, my only crime was being a homeless veteran and speaking up as a whistle blower about the harm and injustices to myself and other female Veterans.

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