Does U.S. Senator Mazie Hirono really want to hear from Hawaii’s Veterans ?

Posted on August 14, 2014


If you as the Hawaii U.S. Senator on the Senate Committees for the Armed Services and Veterans’ Affairs, really wanted to stop the wrong doing and criminal acts against our Veterans here in Hawaii and across the nation by the Veterans Affair, and was sincere about the problems here with the VA leadership and paid bonuses while veterans suffer, wouldn’t you be releasing tons of press releases, and getting News coverage and information out to Hawaii’s Veterans that your going to hold a Senate Field Hearing next week? Yet that is not happening Veterans are not being told, even though Mazie Hirono is planning a so called Senate Field Meeting for Veterans next Tues on August 19.

I know first hand after just speaking to U.S. Senator Mazie Hirono yesterday, Senator Hirono never once uttered a word to me that she was holding a Senate Field Meeting, no mention, no invite to me, even though I had a dialogue with her after the talk by U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry here in Honolulu.

I was speaking to the Senator about my denial of due process to a federal investigation and my formal complaints that have went unresolved and the Rotten Meat served to myself and other Female Veterans at a Federally funded VA program, the U.S. Veterans Intiative (U.S. Vets) and the YWCA. I also informed Senator Hirono about my great concern of no help and no action by Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard, who has ignored my request to her for due process, Gabbard was again given the Photo of the Expired Rotten Meat and other photo’s again on June 4, 2014. I made Senator Hirono aware that Congresswoman Gabbard has not followed up on my formal complaints and has not responded to me.

After talking directly to Senator Hirono, I find it appalling and very suspect that Senator Hirono never mentions to me any information, that she would be holding a Senate Field Hearing next week about the VA scandal and problems here in Hawaii. To think my query to Senator Hirono yesterday did not rise to any level by Senator Hirono to ask me to attend the Senate Field Hearing and to testify, not one word from Senator Hirono, again as I have come to experience here in Hawaii with our Congressional members, this did not rise to any level from Senator Hirono, to even say to me how can I make this right? No one utterance from Mazie about the upcoming Field Hearing.

If you cared about Veterans and it really is your heartfelt work wouldn’t you be telling me, a Veteran about your upcoming Field Hearing? Unfortunately, this is the true actions and treatment, myself and other Veterans have been receiving not only from our Hawaii Senate and Congressional Staff, but the VA former Sec. Shinseki, Hawaii’s Governor, Ron Han and Collin Kipin. Hirono just got in her vehicle and left me standing there.

I don’t believe Senator Hirono or any of our current administration really want to hear from Hawaii’s Veterans, if so, wouldn’t Mazie Hirono be telling myself and other Veterans about the field hearing information?

I also find it Suspect, that there is no mention or information on the official site of the State of Hawaii Office of Veterans Services, run by the “highly paid do nothing for a Veteran” State Director Ron Han, about this upcoming meeting, nothing not one word-

or any press releases or information of Senator Hirono’s website:

I only found out about the Senate Field Hearing at the Olelo Studio last night, because I happened to be returning my TV Camera and Wayne the Mapunapuna CMC Media Center Manager mentioned it to me.

Here is the information at Wayne shared with me, “Senator Mazie K. Hirono will host a Senate Veterans Affairs Committee field hearing entitled “The

Does U.S. Senator Mazie Hirono really want to hear from  Hawaii's Veterans??

Senator Hirono never mentions to me, Tina Quizon, that she will be holding a U.S. Senate Field Hearing about the VA scandal and problems, this is just more of the culture of cover up and lies across the nation thatVeterans are dealing with

State of VA Health Care in Hawaii.” The hearing will commence on August 19, 2014 at 10:00 a.m. at the Oahu Veterans Center, 1298 Kukila Street in Honolulu.

This hearing is open to the public and will focus on the Department of Veterans Affairs efforts to meet veterans’ needs as well as any improvements that could be made in order to better serve Hawaii’s veterans. The Committee will receive testimony from Hawaii veterans, the Department of Veterans Affairs and other stakeholders – A complete listing of the panelists will be announced shortly.

Please feel free to share this notification with your fellow veterans and attend in the audience as we hear testimony on this important issue for Hawaii’s veterans. If you are not able to attend, you can watch the hearing televised live on Olelo channel 49, with replays to be announced later. Neighbor island residents with access to internet-ready computers or mobile devices can watch the hearing live at” “

The way things have been for myself and other Veterans , I do not know if myself and fellow Veterans will be allowed to just walk in and up to the microphone and give our testimony, or if we will experience friendly fire from the VA and Senator Hirono. Since the only information I have is from Wayne at Olelo, and the only action we have seen from Congresswoman Gabbard, our senators is the depth that they continue to shield and protect the VA and VA staff and management from addressing the real problems and issues of all the VA services. No information could be found on were to submit testimony or if there was a deadline and how to give testimony. While the Senator will be on TV making a dog and pony show, pretending to do something for the Veterans

For more than over 400 days and counting , I still have not been assigned a Primary Care Doctor by the Veterans VA and the Pacific Health Care System, to add to the many wrong doings, the denial of my due process and the VA’s failure to address my Formal Complaints against the VA and its vendors, no federal investigation. It is no wonder that Female Veterans are 5 times more likely to become homeless and Veterans suicides are rising across the nation.

After addressing Sentaor Hirono, I also seen and spoke to Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard at the talk from Sec John Kerry, I asked Tulsi for an update on the Rotten Meat, the Federal investigation, Tulsi stated to me that, “I did not expect to see you here at the

for Photo opportunities, but continues to neglect  Veterans, problems and Hawaii's VA scandal

Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard always available for Photo opportunities, but continues to neglect our Veterans, the problems and Hawaii’s VA scandal

Secretary of States event”, and that her and her staff had done nothing to hold accountable anyone at the VA or to address my federal investigation.”