YWCA festered racism and discrimination

Posted on August 3, 2014


Article by Tina Quizon, posted on Aug. 3, 2014

Monstrous acts against Women by the YWCA here in Hawaii were allowed to fester without any accountability, cease and desist or punishment of the perpetrators of harmful acts against women who were program clients. And when myself and other Women turned to the head Leadership of the YWCA, Ms. Kimberly Miyazawa Frank and Ms. Noriko Namiki, the YWCA offered no protection and did nothing to stop the vile racism and discrimination happening against Women and other minorities. And in fact the YWCA CEO participated and the YWCA staff was encouraged to retaliate against myself and other Women. The Hawaii YWCA only caters to pretending to stamp out racism to women, in fact the Hawaii YWCA only advocates for stamping out racism and discriminate towards American Asian’s here in Hawaii.

I have documented and witnessed this continued corrupt behavior, the YWCA while pretending to stamp out racism and discrimination with events like the
“Vincent Who?” a film about Vincent Chin, a Chinese American, was beaten to death in 1982. The film screening and panel discussion was held at the YWCA on May 1st, 2012 featuring the filmmaker Curtis Chin. I did a TV interviewed with the filmmaker, Curtis Chin, at the YWCA, helped to promoted the YWCA event.

The YWCA was touting that the “Vincent Who?” event was to create dialogs about the harm and effect of Racism and discrimination in the Hawaiian Islands, our global community and the YWCA’s mission.

On that day deep concerns were brought to light at the YWCA “Vincent Who?” event, by National Radio host & humanitarian Mr. Carroll Cox. Mr. Cox questioned the obvious history and practices of racism. Mr Cox, raised the question to Kimberly Miyazawa Frank (YWCA CEO) and the panel of experts on past and current practices of Racism and discrimination to African Americans. The only response from Kimberly Frank and others was to scoff and pooh-pooh at Mr. Cox. The panels non response angered audience members who agreed with Mr. Cox, the audience shared their own experiences of the American Asians treatment to African Americans here in Hawaii, the panel continued to make light of Mr. Cox’s attempt to have a dialog about how in White America, the Asian Americans were invited across the tracks and accepted into the White Mans world and society. America Asians were allowed to have successful businesses, join in at social gatherings and attend the all white schools and colleges. Asian Americans tolerated and accepted the racism against African Americans. The American Asians had created their own form and class of racism against African Americans.

Watch the interview with the film maker, some of the questions and panel discussion, here is the link – Pathways to Paradise TV SHow : “Vincent Chin Who” Dialogues Against Racism Hate :

In 2013, I experienced 1st hand that the YWCA does not practice the very mission it states and pretends to promote and uphold, it was all a lie. The YWCA did not protect me a Veteran and a white homeless Female when I sought shelter at the YWCA Fernhusrt, in a State and Federally funded VA program that partnered with the U.S. Vets.


YWCA CEO Kimberly Frank participated and allowed Racism and Discrimination

YWCA CEO Kimberly Frank participated and allowed Racism and Discrimination

One example I witnessed of the deeply suppurated actions by the YWCA management and staff, was of Rhonda Jones (Resident Manager) at the YWCA Fernhurst, Rhonda Jone stole a child’s iPad, the YWCA tolerated the theft, and then allowed Rhonda to harass, verbally attack and swear at the mother of the child who was a YWCA Client Ms. Fia Auvamue. This vile act by the resident manager of the YWCA Rhonda Jones was like pus oozing out of a gapping infection, that the administration chose to not stop the sick behaviors and acts against women. The facts are that Rhonda Jones stole and deleted evidence of photographs U.S Vets clients and other personal information of Fia’s child Cleo’s iPad to hide the wrong doing and cover up.

Rhonda Jones went as far as to swear at the mom Fia several times referring to the mom and other people as a “Fucking Idot”. And to tell Ms. Fia Auvamue not to contact the Media, especially Mr. Carroll Cox, because he was also a “Fucking Idot”.

YWCA Resident Manager Rhonda Jones was not fired and remains at the helm at the YWCA Fernhust, brewing a culture that allowed her to demean women. Rhonda’s swearing and verbal assault was made upon Fia for questioning Rhonda Jones logic and behavior for stealing the iPad and deleting the information and photos on the Ipad. All the while the interm CEO Noriki Namiki stood by and turned a blind eye to these acts of discrimination and the racism. The very mission the YWCA claim to fame. I was attacked and made a victim to more, harm, retaliation and discrimination by Noriko Namiki and her employees at the YWCA Fernhust.

The YWCA federally funded facility, lacked any control, checks or balances, Noriko Namiki and Rhonda Jones both remain employee’s of the YWCA , who are allowed to continue to harass, violate the rights of women, to harm and subject women to racism and discrimination on a regular basis.

YWCA CEO Noriko Namiki  participated and allowed Racism and Discrimination

YWCA CEO Noriko Namiki participated and allowed Racism and Discrimination

On June 4, 2013 Rhonda Jones along with U.S. Vets Clincial Director Jennifer Lloyd had me unlawfully arrested by the Honolulu Police Department accused of criminal trespassing with out any formal discharge papers or eviction notice from the U.S. Vets, the YWCA or the Veterans Administration (VA).

Learn more of the facts, watch our TV Show at this link: http://olelo.granicus.com/MediaPlayer.php?view_id=30&clip_id=41043

Governor Abercrombie ignored Female Veterans, fed Veterans Hog Manure and rotten meat. Hawaii has the highest report of harm inflicted on Veterans with longest wait times of Veterans. Were was Governor Abercrombie and his administration, Ron Han, Collin Kipin, what has the Hawaii Governor done to correct and hold accountable the Hawaii VA’s actions, always a hands off “not the Hawaii State” and Governor’s jurisdiction. The Governor and his staff only rise to the occasion to be present when it is providing some photo opportunities.

While Veterans like myself our red flagged and blacklist allowed “no service, only denied my due process” and it is only the cusp of the real systemic problems here in Hawaii. The Hawaii VA administration being the top of the untouchables not held to an accountability for the harm and abuse to our nations Veterans being denied services and benefits here in Hawaii

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Governor Abercrombie admits to a cover up and that Hawaii has the worst problems to Veterans on VA wait-list in the Nation:

Check back as we will be posting the actual audio tape of the YWCA CEO Noriko Namiki meeting and cover up of the harm to YWCA Client Ms. Fia Auvamue and her child by YWCA Resident Manager Rhonda Jones.

More Female Veterans are being put back onto the streets homeless by the VA, the YWCA and the U.S. Vets

More Female Veterans are being put back onto the streets homeless by the VA, the YWCA and the U.S. Vets

U.S. Vets  COO Darryl  Vincent & YWCA  Kimberly Frank served Female Veterans Hog Manure and rotten Meat participated and allowed racism

U.S. Vets vets COO Darryl Vincent & YWCA Kimberly Frank served Female Veterans Hog Manure and rotten Meat participated and allowed racism