Polluting Hawaii’s land and Water

Posted on July 22, 2014


July 22, 2014

We 1st reported in 2012 about the lack of action by the City of Honolulu, the State of Hawaii, and the Military to maintain or manage the flooding at Waiawa Stream. As Debris, toxic runoff, car parts continue to clog the stream and the surrounding area. The Civil Defense and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers have also chosen to turn a blind eye to the situation.

All though the State in one of several incidents has cited the illegal junk yard for stacks and heaps cars, the owner is still allowed to continue daily operations and the detrimental environmental impact to the waterway & community.

Several years ago on March 29. 2006 the owner of ABC Auto Parts ( 794 Lehua Ave, #H) in Pearl City was fined $24,240 after the Department of Health found about 1,000 vehicles containing potentially hazardous fluids, many stacked along the stream edge and on an unprotected surface.

Run off of toxic hazardous petroleum products and other unknown substances can be seem in our Video as Fireman of the Hazmat unit walk along the area.

How much can our Earth

Endangered Baby Stilts photo by Tina Quizon

Endangered Baby Stilts photo by Tina Quizon

endure, we continue to pollute our land and water. Our precious resources, the land, the water, our wildlife, birds and dragonflies can they survive mankind’s quest to conquer and build humanity’s empire upon the earth.

We have been sharing the facts about the Environmental hazards flowing into the waters of our Ahupua’a of Waiawa and Waipahu watershed, the lack of protection of our water system, the community and the Hawaii Wetlands. With the increased entrapment and entrainment of environmentally harmful substances, the survival for the birds and plants is an ongoing losing battle. As bird counts are decreasing, area’s for these endangered species to live are being effected and the actual wetlands across Oahu is shrinking.

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Filmed by Tina Quizon.

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