Fire bombing in Paradise, Environmentalist Mr. Carroll Cox attacked for exposing corruption in the Hawaiian Islands

Posted on July 8, 2014


The uncovering of Environmental degradation and exposing State corruption in the Hawaiian Islands, has ignited several emboldened criminals to attack and fire bomb Environmentalist Mr. Carroll Cox. The attempted murder attack, to Mr. Cox on Department of Hawaiian Homes Land (DHHL), in early May 2014, was just the accelerant that continues to intensify and bring more criminal activities and harm to the Environmentalist, and fear about the safety of our homes & citizens in the community here in Hawaii.

These are horrendous and serious crimes against a citizen, gone unchecked, no action by local law enforcement or the Attorney General here in Honolulu. There has been no news reports or public notice of any arrests which have been made, no reports of any suspects being held or even the questioning of any suspects. Even though the crimes against Mr Cox have intensified and several large media outlets have accounted facts, videos and documents, of the crimes and case to the community, there only seems to be a “coverup and a hush up” of the Fire bombing here in Hawaii and the attempted murder attack on the Environment activist Mr. Carroll Cox.

Mr. Cox himself had given major evidence of the entrenched corruption to Hawaii’s Attorney General David Louie and to the DHHL prior to the attempted murder to Mr. Cox on DHHL Lands in May 2014. But Mr. Cox, has been met with a hands off and cover up culture by law enforcement and the state agency of DHHL. Not a word, or out cry from the Mayor or Governor’s office for any action.

The only “Book’em Dano” Hawaii’s residents have or can expect to hear would be from the popular make believe TV Series- Hawaii Five O.”

This is an outrage, the public and state officials should be shouting for action to put these perpetrators behind bars, but instead these perpetrators,criminals continue to roam freely in our community.

The Mayor and the Governor unresponsiveness or demand for any action for the crimes against Mr. Cox, is more insulting. The only pissed off action our Hawaiian community has seen by the Mayor and Governor is their strong stance to have Law Enforcement round up, harass and arrest homeless people, or to use HPD to write a citation to people who need to urinate.

We will continue to speak out about these injustices, and to request for a full investigation, and demand for action until the criminals are caught and justice is served. This is a call for action, please do your own part and call the Governor and Mayor for action, as the next crime by these perpetrators could be against you or your home. Please share and follow this story, here are some links to other Media’s stories/articles with the facts about these crimes here:

Arson investigation under way for home of environmental watchdog

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EXCLUSIVE: Environmental activist attacked by masked men in Kalaeloa

Posted: May 06, 2014 10:26 PM HST
Updated: May 07, 2014 4:56 AM HST
By Rick Daysog
Hawaii News Now Investigates
Local environmental activist Carroll Cox was attacked by two masked men with a metal pipe earlier today.

” Court issues restraining order in threat”

TRO Against Man Tied to Assault on Carroll Cox – “After Thursday’s hearing Green said that when the attack occurred, Aiwohi was at his business in Kalae­loa and could see that some distance away someone was being beaten, but he didn’t know it was Cox” read more here:

Hawaii News Now

EXCLUSIVE: Environmental activist Carroll Cox describes recent attack

A few hours before the attack, Cox said he filed a complaint with the DHHL about the building. The complaint also alleged favoritism in the awards of leases to businesses and illegal dumping and stockpiling in the area.

Honolulu Star Advertiser
Chilling crimes against activist must be solved

Video of Fire Bomb’s Arson from Mililani Home – Security Camera’s