Robo Emails from Senator Brian Schatz never addresses Veterans complaints

Posted on June 7, 2014


It has been more than a year since I spoke to Senator Brian Schatz on June 2, 2013 pleading with the Senator for help as a Homeless Female Veteran for a cease and desist, protection and due process of my formal complaints I had filed to Senator Schatz’s office and to then VA Secretary Eric Shinseki. Seeking the Senator’s help against the harassment, retaliation from the VA, U.S. Vets, and the YWCA against me. For protection under the “no fear act” and as a whistleblower who was being thrown back onto the streets for filing my formal complaints to VA Secretary Eric Shinseki.

And here a year later the only response I have received was this Robo email from the Senator’s office with this email address>. I believe this is nothing more than a campaign strategy using Veterans for Photo opportunities and Monetary Donations, with no intentions of listening too or helping Veterans like myself who have filed formal complaints.

While Senator Schatz touts a Senate bill to – “Make VA executives more accountable”, who will hold Senator Brian Schatz accountable for ignoring and never responding to a female veteran or my formal complaints. The bill also does not address or reference any judication or action to hold those responsible for the criminal acts upon our veterans.

For going on Active duty to serve her country -  Brendalis Garcia-in-closet-no-dignity-or-justice-female-veterans-evicted-back-to-homelessness

For going on Active duty to serve her country –
Brendalis Garcia-in-closet-no-dignity-or-justice-female-veterans-evicted-back-to-homelessness

And as our story on June 3, 2014 reported, this is not only limited to Senator Brian Schatz, but also Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard and all of Hawaii’s Congressional representatives including Hirano and Hanabusa. Have turned a blind eye and ignored Hawaii’s Veterans like myself.

Our Congress and the VA, have to not only listen to the complaints and concerns of Veterans, but need to be held accountable, to stop the fraud, wrongdoing and abuse to the very people they claims to care about and serve.

There has been politics, using Veterans for campaigning, enough paychecks and bonuses to VA Staff and congress, while criminal actions continue to go on unpenalized. Not giving Veterans the benefits and services that were appropriated for the Veterans. People should not be able to make a paycheck while denying Veterans.

I believe it is these patterns of behaviors, that has become criminal and the impediment of a fair and equitable process, while denying Veterans their benefits and services that is the most insulting and harmful to Veterans.

The photos of the 4 month old expired rotten meat served to Female Veterans and of Brendalis Garcia in the closet banging her head against the wall, Brendalis Garcia was throw out of a VA Funded Homeless program because Garcia was going on active duty and serving here country in the National Guard and my other complaints. Did not rise to any level of response by Senator Schatz, but have for over the past year been ignored by Senator Schatz, along with the complaints of the fraud, mismanagement, and flawed policies with the VA and its Federally Funded Programs and harm to Homeless Female Veterans. . I believe the Senator will continue to do nothing and never address or take action on my formal complaints.

I again today sent another email to try to contact the Senator, here is the only message I got from his webpage: Forbidden – – You don’t have permission to access /index.cfm on this server.

Here is the email from the Senator’s office claiming “If you are a veteran experiencing issues with the VA, please contact my office for assistance.”

On Friday, June 6, 2014 2:45 PM, Senator Brian Schatz wrote:

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Our veterans and their families have made tremendous sacrifices in service to our nation and we have a responsibility to make sure they get the health care and benefits they have earned. Veterans facing long wait times to see a doctor and access health care is inexcusable. That is why I am supporting bipartisan legislation to improve operations at the Department of Veterans Affairs. Our bill will make VA executives more accountable, cut wait times, and help make way for a major new VA medical facility on O’ahu that would double VA clinical services on the island, helping make sure Hawai‘i veterans get the timely care they deserve.

If you are a veteran experiencing issues with the VA, please contact my office for assistance.
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