Handed a letter personally to Retired General Shinseki in Sepember 2013, but as a Veteran I was ignored

Posted on May 31, 2014


Harm to Veterans, I have been writing to President Obama and even handed a letter in person to Retired General Shinseki in Septmember 2013 in front of hundreds of veterans and active duty service member’s in attendance at the National Guard Convention here in Honolulu, the letter listed my complaints and asked for action from VA Secretary Shinseki  for due process and help, though I had been writing my formal complaints to the VA Secretary since January 2013. None of my complaints ever rose to any level of response or investigation from Secretary Shinseki. 

Sec. Shinseki again never responded, ignored me and my plea for fair and due process,  a full independent investigation of my complaints and protection from retaliation, harassment  and as a whistleblower being harmed by the VA, U.S. Vets and the YWCA.

Image   I reached out  again in December 2013, this time  asking the President of the United States Barack Obama to help another Veteran in need,  many community members here in Honolulu expressed  their disappointment over the President and the White House staff closed eyes policy to ignore another Veteran in need, here is the video of the Presidents arrival and all the  President’s Drive by’s past the Disabled Veteran in Kailua at the Presidential Compound. 

President Obama drives by Disabled Veteran – video by Tina Quizon here is the link to view: 


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Questions to Retired General Shinseki for his action response plan to my formal complaints hand deliver to VA Secretary Shinseki at the NGAUS 2013 convention here in Honolulu HI.

Questions to Retired General Shinseki for his action response plan to my formal complaints at the NGAUS

It is my hope that my complaints will now finally rise to a level of an independent investigation. That perhaps I will get a fair independent investigation and full due process will be afforded to me. Check back , I will be posting documents and the robot replies from the President and the VA OIG to my request and emails of my formal complaints that have only been ignored and discarded as not important to take an action on, but harm to me.