Beware – False information on the Hawaii State Judiciary Website can be listed in your court records for everyone to see

Posted on May 3, 2014


False information on the State Judiciary Website  can also be listed in your court records

False information on the State Judiciary Website can also be listed in your court records

Beware – False information on the State Judiciary Website  can also be listed in your court records, your  personal records can list you as having felony exhibits, even if you never been charged with a felon, or having to attend drug court, these false statement can be harmful, and the public needs to be aware that this is happening. What’s even more harmful and dangerous to a person is that this false information can be viewed by anyone, any where in the world on the internet – Hawaii Hoohiki State Judiciary Website.


And the State Judiciary is not held accountable to  remove such irrelevant, malign and harmful information.

Even after you notify the courts and ask for the false statement to be removed. I was denied the motion to remove the false and irrelevant information by the Hawaii State Judiciary and Judge Perkins, Judge Shirley Kawamura, Deputy Prosecutor Lawrence Sousie and the Commission on Judicial Conduct – Gerald Y. Sekiya, Chair, Shigeo Iwamoto, Vice-Chair, Dickson C.H. Lee, Janice L. Loo, Benjamin M. Matsubara, Michele T. Morikami, Lynne T. Waters.

The State Judiciary Website – Ho`ohiki Disclaimer states “The information cannot be removed unless the case records are sealed by a court order. Any unauthorized attempt to remove or change the online information is strictly prohibited.”

So what is a person to do, we believe this is a violation of a person’s constitutional rights. I believe this is the new form of “Collateral consequences of criminal conviction”.

We spoke to other media outlets who were also interested in why the courts would place this type of false and irrelevant information into someones court records, along with some of the other issues with the court system. See the documents here:

Court Documents

Tina Quizon_Prosecuting Proposed Order Denying_1

Find out more on our TV Show “No Justice for Female Veterans” watch the show at the link below

This is what is happening to myself and others, the VA and our government ignores formal complaints of Veteran Whistleblowers, instead the Hawaii Veterans Affairs (VA) displaces Veterans into Criminals.