Lady GODIVA Program celebrating inspirational women around the world

Posted on April 29, 2014


Women,  “who embody the attributes of Lady Godiva through selflessness, generosity, leadership and the spirit of giving back to the community,  as a Global Cause Marketing Initiative to recognize Woman was Launched in April 2012. Read more here about the Initiative:


I was Nominated by: Paula Edwall who wrote:

“Rather than just “raising awareness” about issues, she takes action on them through making presentations to appropriate companies, elected officials and agencies. She also conducts interviews with experts and brings their information and concrete help to individuals and the community at large. Since her show streams worldwide and has many viewers, it is difficult to say how many thousands and probably millions of people have been inspired by her. Her wide range of projects has given real assistance to many individuals, communities, the environment, and grass-roots economic improvements.”

Follow link below to read the full nomination, thank you to Paula Edwall and Godiva

“This initiative is very important to GODIVA,” says Jim Goldman, President and CEO of GODIVA Chocolatier.