Launching your career into TV and Print, tips to keeping safe in a glamourous industry

Posted on March 26, 2014



“As a Hollywood agent for many years, it was always disheartening to see the scams, lies, and misinformation in the heads of aspiring talent. So many hopefuls would come to my agency with great expectations and bad information. They had no idea how to get into the business or how to avoid the dangers of the entertainment industry.”

 William Squire shares his knowledge and expert advice on how to safely navigate a career into TV and Print. William along with Laura Boulay wanted to take positive action to help others be aware and recognize the dangers of the industry. Drawing from there own knowledge and experiences to help and prevent aspiring talents from failing into scams or dangerous situations. After much research, looking at the statics and the unfortunate tragedies, talking about the dangers and the realities in the fashion and entertainment industry was long overdue. Their mission was to create the dialogues to teach others how the entertainment industry really works. To educate and inform others how to protect yourself & your career from the scams & predators; by creating a book to help educate and guide others into safely creating a successful career.

Calling themselves “The Modeling Police!,” William and Laura created a step by step guide called “The Model’s Workbook: A Hollywood Agent’s Twenty Step Guide to Launching Your Modeling Career”, that was written not only to help you to think about how to safely start your career but to keep you and your pocketbook safe while doing so.

The book is a basic guide and also gives tip on spotting scams, here a few of the warning signs :

Seven Warning Signs to Spot an Agency Scam:
The ‘agency’ asks for money up front.
The ‘agency’ wants money up front for photos or a photo packet.
The ‘agency’ operates as a web site only.
The ‘agency’ uses an eight hundred number for recruiting.
Being approached in a mall.
The ‘agency’ fee is over 20%.
Interviews are not held at the ‘agency’ but at someone’s home, in their garage.  

Learn more about the book in our TV interview with William Squire, filmed here on location in Hawaii,

“Launching your career in TV & Print” on Pathways to Paradise TV Show, William shares his expert advice on how to safely pursue a career in to the modeling & TV Industry.

Re-airs Saturday March 29, 2014 at 4:30 pm ch. 55in Honolulu or worldwide on the internet at the same time click on the live stream to view

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