No Legs and no Aloha so far from President Obama for disabled Veteran Charles Canamar

Posted on January 1, 2014



As the Motorcade for President Obama went speeding past double amputee and disabled Veteran Charles Canamar in Kailua, another somber moment set in. Charles would be paid no attention again today  now by the President of the United States.  Charles had hoped that President Barrack Obama would help Charles with his plight to get the two artificial legs from the Veterans Affairs. Charles was operated on at Tripler and his legs removed more than 2 years ago, and since then Charles shared, that he was measured and even tried on a pair of  prosthesis legs, but to date he is without  the two artificial legs that would give him a better quality of life and the ability to do some basic things like going to the bathroom.  

Charles was holding his sign sitting in a wheel chair along the roadside where the president’s Motorcade passed, that read, “Please help, Mr. President Obama, all I want is 2 legs like you.” The disappointment in his eyes is obvious, and even though Charles tried to joke off the truth by saying, well you know the President is on Vacation and was probably going to play golf.”

Ironically a round of golf, basketball and walking on the beach are all activities that Charles, dreams about, but is not able to do. Yet the President continues to enjoy  the full function of 2 legs and a quality of life, that many would love to be able to just crawl on their knee’s and experience.

Charles is not giving up yet, and still has faith in the President, Charles plans on heading back out to Kailua on Thursday to continue his plight to meet the President and to ask President Obama to help Charles get his 2 legs, just like the President.

The CNN crew stopped by yesterday, CNN is keeping a Camera eye on the story and hoping for Charles’s success to meet the President. Charles will try again tomorrow, Thursday, also the Secret Service advised us that the Presidents Chief of Staff – Denis McDonough is abreast of Charles Canamar’s plight, so Charles is trying to remain hopeful for thursday.

President Obama plays golf photo courtesy of

President Obama plays golf photo courtesy of

Listen to the live radio interview with Charles by Mr. Carroll Cox, Sunday as Charles was enroute to try and meet the President on the Carroll Cox Radio show

Learn more about Charles plight here on the Hawaii News Now TV interview:

Community members have expressed disappointment over the President and the White House staff closed eyes policy to ignore another Veteran in need, here is the video of the Presidents arrival and all the Drive by past Disabled Veteran Charles Canamar on the side of the road, asking for the 2 artificals legs he was measured for by the Veterans Affairs: