Nikola Tesla, one of the most brilliant minds in the understanding and advancements of Electrical Energy

Posted on September 23, 2013


Article by Tina Quizon

How far has the science, generation and distribution of Electrical Energy advanced since the departure of one of the most brilliant minds in the understanding and advancements of Electrical Energy – Nikola Tesla. Globally our Electrical problems of the present day lie largely
in the economical transmission of power and in the need for radical improvement of the cost effectiveness, means and methods of generation, distribution and illumination. To many experts, workers and thinkers in the domain of electrical invention and generation, the apparatus and devices that are familiar, are cumbrous and wasteful, and subject to severe limitations.


This year marked the 157th Anniversary of the birth of Nikola Tesla a leader whose vision and mission is forged in dedication not only to the American people but to Humanity and the world.
Even though he has become a legendary leader for many across the globe, others feel that Nikola Tesla is not given the merit, recognition and acknowledgement that his vision and contributions has established in making our daily life easier. Tesla is unknown to many generations, and in our current society and amongst Science, history and within the grasp of the human consciousness unrecognized.

And so it is with historical importance and to share open dialogues of learning for all generations that the President of Serbia will unveil and honor one of the greatest thinkers, inventor and innovator of all times with the “INAUGURATION OF NIKOLA TESLA MONUMENT:, Monday September 23, 2013 in New York, Long Island at the Wardenclyffe Laboratory.

This year also marks the journey of the traveling exhibit, designed to take spectators through an educational exploration of Tesla and his inventions through time, is in production. The Tesla Science Foundation plans to take the exhibit on a North American tour to be displayed at top educational and scientific centers in the United States.

Learn more about how to bring the exhibit to your city at the link below:

“Tesla: Past, Present, Future” traveling exhibit