“Montage of Roy Tabora’s painting & art”

Posted on July 21, 2013


For more than 3 decades, Roy Tabora has inspired people young and old with his paintings of Paradise, Roy shares his fine art work here in Hawaii at a number of Tabora Galleries.  At a time when many schools and our education systems are cutting out programs with art, Roy’s  example, his painting, work and business is vital in reminding us that artist  do play an important role in  business and the community, but is often  and over looked sector.

We have been able to film his dedication and ability to bring to the canvas and life the beauty of our islands. Watch our  TV Show feauring “Montage of Roy Tabora’s painting & art”, Roy shares several decades of work, including the newly opened Gallery in Kauai.

 Our TV Show “Pathways to Paradise” was asked and honored to film the  Tabora Gallery opening on Kauai, bringing  several international and national Artist and their  paintings of inspiration to Kauai, in this episode we share some of the artist work,  Mr. Steve Barton & Kat, who are featured along with Roy’s paintings  at the new Tabora Gallery on Kauai.

View today’s Pathways to Paradise TV Show, Sunday, July 21,  at 08:30 pm on channel 49 or worldwide on the internet at www.olelo.org click the livestream FOCUS 49 feed at the same time..

To  see more of Roy’s fine art work & to find out more about Roy Tabora visit one of his Galleries here in Hawaii, check back  soon, as we will post a link to the TV Show Watch our TV Show featuring the painting & artwork of Steve Barton at the Grand opening of the Tabora Gallery on Kauai http://olelo.granicus.com/MediaPlayer.php?view_id=30&clip_id=35801 and will post more of the other artist featured at the Kauai Gallery Grand Opening. Image