HPD & Navy rallies with the community for Safety, taking it to the Streets

Posted on July 20, 2013


Article by Tina Quizon, updated July 20, 2013

For  about a decade, Fay Toyama, the Principle at Lehua Elementary had tried to reach out to the Neighborhood Board,  the State of Hawaii, HPD, the Navy and  the City & County  of Honolulu to voice the problems, the stress and concerns the school and community were experiencing with the dangerous speeding zone, that Lehua Avenue had become.

The area is a high traffic, pedestrian and  a major bicycle route, with the school, a park, the bicycle path and the Navy’s Seal, Pearl City Peninsula Base and all next to each other.

And to add to the problems, the City, the State and the Navy  for years had been arguing over the jurisdiction of the  poorly managed area. The area severely lacked  any proper signage for vehicles to control speeding. Beside the problems to control  the speed of motorist down this short stretch, the area also has low visibility and the road narrows down to one lane with out any warning sign.

Motorist informed us that it was hard  to see the road narrowing and keep a safe distance  from  the other cars merging into the one lane. Another one of the big problems  for motorists was of visibility and having a clear sight of  the pedestrian cross walk  that was blocked by a tall fence. The angle and the height of the fence blocked the motorist sight of children entering the cross walk  to go to school. Adding to the stress is the bike path crossing which is only a few feet away from the cross walk, so motorist are double tasked to  be aware and watch for children and bike riders trying to get across the road.

We took the speeding and high traffic problem to the streets and gained some attention from the local news station and rallied the community children and parents. The news coverage immediately got the attention of community leaders and the parents and children were then joined by the Navy and the Honolulu Police Department. See the Navy article :


   In 2011 and 2012, we filmed this  Street Safety sign waving montage in front of the Lehua Elementary school in  Pearl City  on Lehua Ave. We like to thank the Children, Parents & community members  who joined with the Honolulu Police Department, the United States Navy to bring about support and awareness with a rally for Street Safety. Watch some our of coverage of the community leaders, school children and families sign waving for Street Safey on our TV Show here:


This year 2013 the Navy, the City, the State finished some of its surveys for the area and  the NAvy started construction improvements to increase visibility of the pedestrian crossing  in front of the Lehua Elementary School and other safety measures to the area.   We will keep you updated on their progress.

parents and children were then joined by the Navy and the Honolulu Police Department  to rally for street safety

parents and children were then joined by the Navy and the Honolulu Police Department to rally for street safety

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