The YWCA’s harmful treatment, racism and discrimination to women, especially Female Veterans

Posted on June 10, 2013


Article by Tina Quizon

No Dignity or Justice Female Veterans evicted back to homelessness
YWCA Rhonda Jones & U S Vets Jennifer Lloyd are nothing more than racist, that continued to discriminate and harm with not only the unlawful unjust arrest of myself, Tina Quizon, as a Whistle Blower & homeless female Veteran, but other acts of discrimnation and racism to women. I have experienced first hand over the past 6 months the racism, discrimination, retalation and harm that the YWCA , the VA and the U.S. Vets inflicted onto myself and other homeless female veterans at the YWCA Fernhurst facility in partnership with the U.S. Vets Advance Hawaii Women’s program and othe YWCA clients. The insensitive inhuman treatment of women by Rhonda Jones, Noriko Namaki of the YWCA and Dr Kim Cook, CEO of the U.S. Vets, Jennifer Lloyd the Clinical Director of the U.S. Vets and Mr. Darryl Vincent the COO of the U.S Vets is a bad person and liar.

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On many occasions I was with other Female Veterans who were also retaliated against and bullied by the VA, the U.S. Vets and the YWCA for trying to exposed the wrong doing. And I was singled out and made out to be a trouble maker by the VA, the YWCA and the U.S. Vets to avoid from having to do any formal investigation of the misuse of program services and funding uncovered in my formal complaints, including the retaliation, inhumane treatment to myself, our unsecured medical files and personal information, the photos of the rotten expired luncheon meat served to myself and other veterans.

One example I witnessed was the theft, harassment, verbal attack and swearing at YWCA Client Fia Auvamue by the resident manager of the YWCA Rhonda Jones. Rhonda stole and deleted evidence of photographs U.S Vets clients and other personal information of Fia’s child Cleo’s Ipad.

Rhonda Jones swore at the mom Fia several times referring to the mom and other people as a “Fucking Idot”. YWCA Resident Manager Rhonda Jones called her a “Fucking idiot”. Rhonda’s swearing and verbal assault was made upon Fia for questioning Rhonda Jones logic and behavior for stealing and deleting the information on the Ipad. All the while the interm CEO Noriki Namaki has stood by and turned a blind eye to these acts of discrimination and the racism and discrimination to me by her employees at the YWCA Fernhust. Rhonda remains and employee and allowed to continue to harass, violate the rights of women, to harm and subject women to racism and discrimination on a regular basis. On June 4, 2013 Rhonda Jones along with U.S. Vets Clincial Director Jennifer Lloyd had me unlawfully arrested by the Honolulu Police Department accused of criminal trespassing with out any formal discharge papers or eviction notice from the U.S. Vets, the YWCA or the Veterans Administration.

I experienced the suffering and harm of other female veterans, on one occassion I was having to triage and put a pillow between the head and the wall of a “distraut female reservist in the closet of the YWCA”, who was going back on to active duty. The female Veteran, who had to become homeless again, “because she was being discharged from the YWCA U.S. Vets program for going back on active duty”, the reservist was greatly stressed that the VA. the U.S. Vets and the YWCA would put her back on the streets to homelessness and had shared the inhumane treatment and with me and the other female clients. The reservist was in a closet banging her head against the wall after Dr Kim Cook the U.S. Vets, CEO and Clinical Director Jennifer Lloyd lied saying the female veteran would not have to leave the program or be discharged.

Then gave the female veteran a transtion discharge notice that she could not stay in the program during her active duty but had to go back to the streets homeless, they also told her not to tell anyone that they were putting her back on the streets. And the YWCA sat by and did nothing to stop the harm to the reservist.

We will be exposing and sharing more of the great harm inflicted to myself and other women, the continued racism and discrimination to myself and other women at the YWCA Fernhurst that was colluded with the VA, the US. Vets and the YWCA administration to intentionally chose to harm and hurt women. One thing I know for sure, the Hawaii Veterans Affairs (VA) displaces Veterans into Criminals. The VA gave me only one outcome for filling my formal complaints to Retired General Shinseki and the VA OIG, for me it is “Veteran = Criminal” was the Veterans Affair solution.

UPDATE from CBS News May 5, 2014 Pressure increases on Veterans Affairs chief Eric Shinseki to resign

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The Carroll Cox Radio Show gets to the meat of such rotten behavior, listen to what he uncovered:

On SUNDAY, January 6, 2013, Carroll talks with Alfreda and Eleanor about the opening ceremony for the new U.S. VETS / YWCA Transitional Housing for Women Vets facility that the Governor, members of the City Council, Colin Kipin and the Veterans Administration attended. The photos show the Governor and others having extravagant meals, valet parking and champange glasses served by waiters. Then on Saturday, January 5, the opening was a front page story in the Honolulu StarAdvertiser, featuring a picture of Alfreda, up front and center, city editor Marsha Mcfadden was asked by Alfreda to retrack the photo and article depliciting the female veterans as being apart of a group of substance abuse, alcoholic, MST Military Sexual Trauma, PTSD. The radio show shares how that the trauma and stress is coming from the lack of compassion from the VA and the U.S. Vets for veterans needing a hand up. And the harm of having no oversight or management of this Homeless program only “Homeless Fashion Gifts” for the veterans to wear at their next interview for a CEO position and on the runway of life.
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