Veterans Administration & the U.S. Vets unlawful harassment Retaliation to Veterans

Posted on May 11, 2013


Call the Carroll Cox Radio show “live this morning” to rally support for my at 808 524 10808..from 8 am to 10 am Hawaii time, let them know .. MySelf Tina Quizon or no veterans should be put back on the streets homeless by the Veterans Administratio, the U.S. Vets or the YWCA..

I am being put back on the streets homeless help me fight against this unjust and unfair actions ….No person deserves to be put back on the streets homeless…

As a Veteran, I am having to advocate for myself and will forever now be an advocate for Veterans, having experienced my own racism and discrimination from the VA, the U.S. Vets and the YWCA. In this episode of Pathways to Paradise I share the lies, the deceit, the harm being done to myself and other veterans by Andrew Dahlburg at the VA, Mr. Darryl Vincent & Dr. Kim Cook at the U.S. Vets and Rhonda Jones of the YWCA.

I understand more than ever the plight of our fellow Veterans, while the administration of the U.S. Vets, the VA and the YWCA painfully and intentionally targeted me a female veteran in the homeless program at the U.S. Vets/YWCA Fernhurst on Oahu to cover up the racism and discrimination by Mr.Darryl Vincent and Mr. Andrew Dahlburg I was experiencing for filing complaints to Retired General Shinseki. For being denied my Freedom of Press and was harassed for securing my unsecured medical files and my personal information left out along with other client’s files unattended in the YWCA dining room and in other areas on several occasions.

As first reported on the Carroll Cox Radio Show about the complaints of the issues and the growing concerns with the lack of checks and balances that would protect the rights of our veterans. And although it was the Carroll Cox Show that broke this story of the 4 month old expired luncheon meat being served to Female Veterans, other media outlets were also informed, “the Honolulu Star Advertiser” city editor Marsha Mcfadden, the local news stations KGMB, KHON, KITV which have chosen to ignore the growing complaints and only portray a “sweet as sugar cane” portrait of the monkey business with daily ongoings and misuse with the federal funding.

Call the U.S. Vets, the VA and the YWCA demand justice for this unjust eviction .. The U.S. Vets COO Darryl Vincent number is 808 330 2825, Noriko Namaki CEO YWCA at 808 296 8204, share this with everyone call the newspaper Marsha Mcfadded at 529-4791

It is also revealed to the Carroll Cox radio show how the Media outlets, “the Honolulu Star Advertiser” city editor Marsha Mcfadden, the local news stations KGMB, KHON, KITV turned a blind eye to help ensure that our tax payers money and the services being provided by the vendor U.S. Vets is not harming or dis-empowering the veterans. That the funding, federal equipment and vehicles provided by the Veterans Administration is not misused for an “employees own personal private use” for religious church functions. Learn more about the issues and see the photo’s with the links to the radio show at:,,

Below link to photos – Old drinks and meat at the U.S. Vets facility at the YWCA,

Veterans Administration the YWCA and U.S. Vets put women veterans back on the street homeless, discriminate lied and Rhonda Jones stole evidence and deleted photos off of a chils’s Ipad to conceal evidence of the tag team “COVER UP” by the YWCA, the VA and the U.S. Vets.

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