“Reversing Diabetes: A Secret To Youth” the newest book by Dr. Gabriel Cousens

Posted on April 9, 2013


Dr  Gabriel Cousens  shares with an International group about his newest book "Reversing Diabetes: A Secret To Youth"

Dr Gabriel Cousens shares with an International group about his newest book “Reversing Diabetes: A Secret To Youth”

Here is the link to our TV Show “Preventing Diabetes & High Blood Pressure”, with Dr Gabriel Cousens and an International group about his newest book “Reversing Diabetes: A Secret To Youth”


We recently spoke the Dr Sandra Rose Michael who did the forward for Dr. Gabriel Cousens newest book “Reversing Diabetes: A Secret To Youth”.

She shared her insights of the work that Dr Gabriel Cousens has done around the world to educate others on preventing and curing Diabetes.

Dr Sanra Rose Micheal stated, “It is a public health joy to review this book and an honor to endorse this ground-breaking work of Dr. Gabriel Cousens, MD. His book creates a model for moving from clinical diabetes research to providing us the foundation for transforming international and national health in a fundamental but critical way, which also creates quality of life and longevity. In 2005, I was invited to participate in the 1st International Care Congress, sponsored in Istanbul by the World Health Organization and attended by heads of more than 60 nations, which had a focus on addressing the issues of population aging. The statistics presented proved that globally the old over-medicalized disease model is not working, and, in order to create the new world model for health, one of the agreements in the Istanbul Declaration on Global Aging and Care was: “the best insurance for quality of life in older age is health, and promoting health throughout the life course is the surest way to sustain and guarantee healthy aging.”

Dr Michael spoke about how Dr Cousens work to bring more awareness of “Preventing and curing diabetes, is at a global pandemic now affecting 27% of people over the age of 65, along with its concomitant accelerated aging symptoms including severe atherosclerotic disease, cardiovascular disease, degenerative neuropathies, degenerative kidney disease, and a doubled rate of Alzheimer’s disease (also known as Type-3 Diabetes), is a powerful way to sustain and guarantee health and longevity.
The brilliant work of Dr. Cousens’ second edition of There Is a Cure for Diabetes goes far beyond the original book published in 2008. It is essentially a new book. In this book he introduces the concept of Chronic Diabetes Degenerative Syndrome (CDDS), thus revealing a new and clinically useful way of understanding the chronic degenerative aging process labeled “diabetes”. In this chronic degenerative process there is a continuum from imbalanced blood sugars going above 100 to glucose spiking, pre-diabetes, and finally full-blown diabetes. This clear description of the progressive degenerative process, which Dr. Cousens has clinically and meticulously documented in his own practice, gives us a powerful understanding of how to reverse it.”

Dr. Michael said that Dr Gabriel Cousens has traveled many times around the world and that his work brings about new thought processes: “It is helpful to appreciate that diabetes is accelerated aging that literally can take 10-19 years off of one’s life and for many the loss of many more years of life quality. By labeling this progressive, degenerative syndrome and describing it, Dr. Cousens gives us a way to identify and reverse it—even the allegedly impossible Type-1.
Obviously if we can understand the process and have a way to reverse it, it significantly impacts our ability to optimize the transition from a degenerative painful aging process to a healthy, relatively pain-free longevity process. His breakthrough definition of Type-2 diabetes as an accelerated chronic degenerative aging process, that is primarily a genetic and epigenetic toxic downgrade, resulting in a leptin, insulin, and/or metabolic dysregulation (including protein, lipid, and carbohydrate imbalances), which is driven by a chronic inflammatory process, gives us a way to clinically intervene and prevent this disease not only on an individual basis but on a national and worldwide basis. The key to stopping this inflammatory process, as Dr. Cousens points out, is to understand the toxic diet that gives rise to it. This is primarily a diet high in sugar (complex and simple carbohydrates). The major offenders are white flour, white sugar, high fructose corn syrup, and a variety of heavily sugared junk foods and soft drinks. Secondarily, but important in its pathos, is a diet high in cooked animal fat and trans fats, and low in fiber. These are compounded by a lifestyle of obesity, lack of exercise, stress, general toxic exposure (including pesticides, herbicides, chemical poisons and heavy metals), and accelerated by mineral, antioxidant and vitamin deficiencies. Additionally, ongoing radiation exposure (such as from Fukushima, depleted uranium, body scanners and smart meters) and electro-smog cause DNA and thyroid damage, further augmenting this global pandemic of diabetes. A signal that more serious degeneration is going on is the onset of insulin and/or leptin resistance. This chronic aging process is complicated by toxic degenerative epigenetic memory programs. These toxic metabolic memories, Dr. Cousens points out, must and can be turned off to stop an ongoing cardiovascular, renal, neurological, cerebral, and retinal degeneration. This appears to be the secret to his success in not only healing and preventing diabetes, but in reversing some of its most treacherous symptoms.”

She continues, “The breakthrough in Dr. Cousens’ study of 120 people is that he has developed a simple, potent dietary approach using a diet calorically comprised of 25-35% complex carbohydrates of live leafy greens, sprouts, and vegetables; 25-45% raw plant fat; and 10-25% plant-source protein. It appears from his discussion that the 100% live-food, plant-source-only diet is the key ingredient in making this dietary approach so successful at healing diabetes. What is remarkable about this rather simple, dedicated approach are the results.

Extraordinarily, 61% of non-insulin dependent diabetics are off all medication and healed in just 3 weeks. 24% of the insulin dependent Type-2 diabetics (similar to Type-1’s in that their bodies cannot produce sufficient insulin) are off all insulin with blood sugars less than 100 in 3 weeks. Even more extraordinary is 21% of Type-1 diabetics, which Dr. Cousens points out every medical school would consider impossible to heal, are able to come off all insulin and maintain a blood sugar under 100 in the short time of 21 days. Dr. Cousens has clearly cracked the diabetes code. In this book he has given us a sophisticated and rather new theory of how to heal both Type-1 and Type-2 diabetes (the foundation for reversing Type-3, or Alzheimer’s, and other dis-ease associated with aging) based on his successful clinical results.

The significance for me, as a person committed to uplifting public health and bringing educational awareness to the longevity process and actual age reversal on an international level, and successfully utilizing primarily raw, plant based protocols for nearly 40 years, is that Dr. Cousens has given us a successful model of how to reverse pathologically accelerated aging, or CDDS, which not only applies successfully to diabetes, but to the whole aging mechanism. The key is translating Dr. Cousens’ diabetes-focused work into national programs globally for not only preventing and treating diabetes but also for optimizing the longevity process for everyone. Although his book does not specifically talk about aging beyond the dietary aspects, Dr. Cousens does lecture around the world on the Chronic Diabetes Degenerative Syndrome as a way to protect not only diabetics but all who are aging. Although there is much overall work on aging that goes far beyond diet, which Dr. Cousens is the first to point out in his lectures, the dietary approach to protecting against and even reversing diabetes is a fundamental approach that can be brought into national policies throughout the world.”

Dr Sandra Rose Michael remarked that “this is exactly what Dr. Cousens is now doing with his diabetes understanding. He has already set up nutritional, non-profit, diabetes prevention and health education training centers in the U.S., Nigeria, Ghana, Ethiopia, and Mexico, with other countries patiently waiting to work with him. This book is a wealth of information and a foundation, based on his clinical experience, for preventing and treating diabetes worldwide. In this context this book is not only theoretically outstanding and clinically extraordinary, but provides humanity with the tools to prevent and heal the scourge of diabetes which has afflicted approximately 366 million people with one person dying from this affliction every seven seconds and millions suffering from the chronic debilitating aspects of this disease. This book is a powerful contribution to the rapid restoration and continued evolution of health on the planet. “