“Not Protecting the rights of Veterans” the order of the day from the Veterans Administration and the U.S. Vets

Posted on April 6, 2013


Department of Veterans Affairs and U.S. Vets “Not Protecting the rights of Veterans” the order of the day

Posted on April 6, 2013

Article by Tina Quizon. As first reported on the Carroll Cox Radio Show these are real complaints of the issues and the growing concerns with the lack of checks and balances that would protect the rights of our veterans. And although it was the Carroll Cox Show that broke this story of the 4 month old expired luncheon meat being served to Female Veterans, other media outlets were also informed, “the Honolulu Star Advertiser” city editor Marsha Mcfadden, the local news stations KGMB, KHON, KITV which have chosen to ignore the growing complaints and only portray a “sweet as sugar cane” portrait of the ongoings with the federal funding.

The Carroll Cox Radio Show gets to the meat of such rotten behavior, listen to what he uncovered:

On SUNDAY, January 6, 2013, Carroll talks with Alfreda and Eleanor about the opening ceremony for the new U.S. VETS / YWCA Transitional Housing for Women Vets facility that the Governor, members of the City Council, Colin Kipin and the Veterans Administration attended. The photos show the Governor and others having extravagant meals, valet parking and champange glasses served by waiters. Then on Saturday, January 5, the opening was a front page story in the Honolulu StarAdvertiser, featuring a picture of Alfreda, up front and center, city editor Marsha Mcfadden was asked by Alfreda to retrack the photo and article depliciting the female veterans as being apart of a group of substance abuse, alcoholic, MST Military Sexual Trauma, PTSD. The radio show shares how that the trauma and stress is coming from the lack of compassion from the VA and the U.S. Vets for veterans needing a hand up. And the harm of having no oversight or management of this Homeless program only “Homeless Fashion Gifts” for the veterans to wear at their next interview for a CEO position and on the runway of life.

Learn more at this link and see the photos:


on Sunday March 24, 2013 a caller reminds Carroll how the Veterans Administration has not even done anything to help the Vietnam Veterans, so why should the community and tax payers be surprised that the Veterans Administration and Ron Han, Andrew Dahlburg would fail to investigate these formal complaints filed by Veterans against the U.S. Vets for not protecting the Veterans rights and the growing complaints, serving rotten expired Luncheon meats to veterans to eat at the YWCA. The callers ask more about the harassment and retaliation that the individual Veterans filing complaints have been experiencing, and the YWCA, U.S.Vets and the VA actions and spending there time on reviewing videos to see who told about the spoiled meat in the YWCA’s refrigerator :


It is also revealed to Carroll’s show how the Media outlets, “the Honolulu Star Advertiser” city editor Marsha Mcfadden, the local news stations KGMB, KHON, KITV turned a blind eye to help ensure that our tax payers money and the services being provided by the vendor U.S. Vets is not harming or dis-empowering the veterans. That the funding, federal equipment and vehicles provided by the Veterans Administration is not misused for an “employees own personal private use” for religious church functions.

on SUNDAY, March 31, 2013, Carroll talks about the U.S Vets facility at the YWCA providing expired luncheon meats and soft drinks for the women vets to eat, some nearly a year old, go to the link below to find out more and see the photos of expired meat and drinks served to Veterans:


Story to be continued….

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