Gold Mine of opportunities to solve Poverty and help the Homeless

Posted on March 11, 2013


Gold mine of opportunities by Tina Quizon

By Tina Quizon,

While the federal government may be increasing more budgets cuts across the board. The truth also is that our economy is forcing us to look at our management of our money, to tighten our purse strings, and face the reality of the abhorrent spending and obscene misuse of funds through out the United States Government, the Banking industries and in our private markets and sectors.

The talk on the streets is ” imagine if the United States Senate and House of Representatives refused to take any pay check, until they came to agreements with the President of the United States, and to stop the discrimination of pay in wages, and to do better with our budget. And what if the President of the United States, Barack Obama, actually refused a paycheck himself, to be the example to the United States and the world, that we are all in this together and the strong message that the “President Barack Obama deny himself any payment for his labor’, as long as the injustices of equal pay and wages continue. These examples would generate a message across the world, that the United States of America is being the leader of taking serious the over spending and misconducts of the past and putting the needs of the people first, not Returns on Investments, the big corporates and lobbyist first. Truly setting the example of the United States getting its house in order.

Many agree that taking such drastic measures could also allow for some ground breaking cooperation and collaborations into the resolve of THE real issues of poverty, the inequality of wages. The immoral and dehumanizing flaw of paying someone minimum wages, then complaining and bitching about poor people and for having to subsidize money to an individuals or a family, just to allow one to have the basic human rights to a meal or to afford someone a roof over their head. And not going without food or sleeping on the streets.

As we look forward this is the time to redefine our definition of ” labor” and the value of ones labor, and to question what constitutes as equal payment for ones fruits of labor.

As others have reminded us of what Martin Luther King said, that we have the resources and techniques to resolve Poverty and Homelessness, the question is will we?

Is “barely getting by” going to continue to be the normal for many, while our reports and facts reflect that we have some of the most egregious inequalities in the pay of the labor for Women and many minorities. And even deeper inequalities in housing, in wealth, in the support of Women and minorities as entrepreneurs and business owners. What and when can any U.S. citizen be able to walk up to and get from the Federal Reserves Discount window any money, or capital. It is time to look across the table and to use the unconventional money instruments touted by United States Secretary of the Treasury Timothy Geithner at APEC in 2011, without the bias of credit scores, and to provide the structure of investments and the cash liquidity to Women and Minority Business owners needed to sustain and expand their business.

While millions of homeowners have went into default and their home sit empty and people less, we definitely have a massive “Gold Mine of opportunities to solve Poverty and help the Homeless” and to do better, we can’t afford not to look at these real issues to resolve equal pay. And to honor everyone’s labor without the discrimination and the hardships of unequal wages, that hinders and devalues another persons human potential. Lets pull together as a nation and demand from our leaders and ourself, the up lifting of one another, of standing and rekindling the “dignity and justice” that makes the United States of American one of the greatest countries for all.

Update President Obama and his cabinet are reading and reacting on our comments to not take their full pay, it maybe a small amount but it is a start as reported on this weeks news stations here is a link below from the CBS news story “Mr. Obama wasn’t the first top official to give himself a self-imposed pay cut: Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel, in solidarity with the hundreds of thousands of Defense Department officials who are facing furloughs, announced his intent to do so earlier this week.”

Read more here at CBS NEWS:

After President Obama announced yesterday that he’s giving five percent of his salary back to the Treasury Department in solidarity with furloughed federal government employees, two more of his Cabinet members – Attorney General Eric Holder and Secretary of State John Kerry – have signaled a willingness to take pay cuts of their own.

Kerry will be donating five percent of his government salary to “an appropriate charity that will benefit employees of the State Department,” according to state department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland, who called the move a statement of “recognition of the special circumstances of the sequester.”

In show of solidarity, Obama to return 5% of his salary

Hagel volunteers to take salary cut