Hawaii’s 1st Knighting of the Order of St John

Posted on February 18, 2013


On 2013-01-28 the Hawaii Order of St John held its 1st investiture at the Kawaiahao Church. In a ceremony the Knighting and dubbing of 20 global candidates were acknowledged for their Humanitarian work around the world. In this collage of our Photo Book we share some of the people and events that make this so memorable. Mahalo to everyone that travels so far to make this happen. In the traditions of Knighthood by Royalty, Countess Nicholas Bobrinskoy gave special recognition in the Investiture Ceremony to some of Hawaii’s own living treasures:

Dr. Agnes Kalanihookaha Cope, Kahu Kamaki Kanahele, Mr. Al Harrington, Father Phil Harmon, Lady Shayla Spencer, Joanne Tachibana of the UN Association, Reynolds Kamakawiwoole representing Royal Order of Kamehameha, Rev. Kedar and Shelley St. John.

The event was organized by Dame Commander of Grace, Honorable Dr Sandra Rose Michael with the assistance of Iris Takata, Iris coordinated the use Kawaiahoa Church, a beautiful location that was becoming for all the individuals Knighted into the Knights of the Orthodox Order of St. John.

Update here is the link to the 1st Knighting in January 2013 TV Show “Pathways to Paradise” Knights of St. John – Hawaii Priory


Update here is the link to the 1st TV Show “Pathways to Paradise” From Russia with Aloha :


Photo’s by Tina Quizon, all rights reserved.

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