Defining your inspired vision & service to the world, an interview with Dr John Demartini by Tina Quizon

Posted on February 6, 2013


If you want to make a massive impact on the world, then you can unleash your leadership in a powerful, inspired way.

Here are 3 of Dr Demartini’s 5 keys for doing that…

1. Get clear on what your service to the world is

Clarify what it is that you would most love to be, do and have that will serve the world. Define your inspired vision and the service you would love to render. Make sure it is aligned to your highest values. Take Mahatma Ghandi for example. One of his highest values was getting the British to leave India…without bloodshed. And because he was true to his highest values millions followed him – and he largely achieved his aim. The British did leave India with surprisingly little violent conflict.

2. Acquire specialised knowledge in the field you’re inspired to serve

Dr Demartini has read over 29,000 books in his quest to fully master human behaviour and empowerment. Likewise, you too can read books, find mentors and deeply listen to others to master your field of service. A great habit is to invest 30 minutes a day to study in the area that inspires you. If you do this every day for 12 months you can become an expert in your field!
And when you do you can make a massive impact and command a higher income too.

3. Master the ability to speak

Your message will have no influence if you don’t have a powerful voice to share it.
Mastering the art of compelling communication means you can touch peoples’ hearts, minds and souls.

Dr Demartini will show you how to do this powerfully at the upcoming BTE this weekend here in Honolulu and his Visionary Leaders Conference in February. You’ll also discover his final 2 steps to leadership and how to master them.

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