Adding Raw Foods to your diet to help prevent Diabetes & High Blood Pressure

Posted on January 21, 2013


Flax Seed Crackers photo by TIna Quizon  at the Tree of Life Center 072Preventing & curing Diabetes and High Blood Pressure are a few of the Non Communicable Diseases that eating a diet full of Raw foods like Sprouts, Kale, Wheat Grass & other Vegatables, nuts, Taro, & Sweet Potatoes can help everyone to combat the risk of Diabetes and High Blood Pressure. We spent a week at the Tree Of Life Rejuvenation Center In Patagonia, Arizona, with Gabriel Cousens and a group of international people along with his staff focusing on eating more raw foods. With the rise of Diabetes & High Blood Pressure as the #1 health concerns through out the globe. They share the importance of having a better food diet to help prevent and ward off non communicable diseases such as Diabetes & High Blood Pressure.

We had the opportunity to film for our TV Show and you can watch this new episode
“Preventing & Curing Diabetes” with Gabriel Cousens MD, filmed on location at the “Tree of Lfe Rejuvenation Center” in Patagonia Arizona, along with guest Jamie Maxtone Graham from Papua New Guniea, and the former Minister of Health, along with Dr John Arnold and Nikko Dimus from Ethiopia. Dr Cousens talks about the importance of a good plan and approach to a moderate low-glycemic dietary intake and what principals are involved to create better health.

This Sunday, January 20, 08:30 pm on “Pathways to Paradise”, channel 49 FOCUS in Honolulu or worldwide on the web at click on the FOCUS livestream logo to view

Update Jan 23 2013, if you missed the TV Broadcast here is the link to watch the TV Show worldwide:

Pathways to Paradise: Ep – 222  Preventing Disease & High Blood Pressure

 Find out more about taking care of your health with Raw Foods at the “Tree of Lfe Rejuvenation Center” in Patagonia Arizona at the website

Whats new – The Tree of Life Center US is pleased to offer a 6-month Café Apprenticeship Program! Immerse yourself in the Tree of Life’s Culture of Life for 6 months, and emerge with the practical skills you’ll need to chef at the finest live-food establishments. Whether you’re a novice or a veteran, our immersion program will empower you with the mastery of 28 delicious live-food entrees, cogent command of Rainbow Green Live Food Cuisine, a comprehensive understanding of live-food restaurant administration, and a thorough education in both the theory and practice of Dr. Cousens’ moderate low-glycemic, live-food, vegan, high-powered, diabetic and enduring, radiant health cuisine and lifestyle. Program begins March 28th, 2013 find out more at the website .


A wide variety of teaching exposure will be offered to participants, such as:

■Intro to raw foods, basic principles, equipment, knife skills
■Flavor balancing, using herbs and spices in sauces, salad dressing, soups, pates
■Pure water and how to get it or prepare it
■Dehydration: crackers, breads, chips
■Desserts: cakes, pies, cookies, pastries
■Breakfast dishes: nut mylks, granola, porridge
■Ethnic entrees from around the world: use of herbs and spices
■The magic of fermentation
■Food styling
■Recipe development
■Fasting and juicing principals according to the Tree of Life practices
■Food therapy and the spirit of plants
■Theoretical and practical application of Dr. Cousens’ approach to moderate low-glycemic dietary principals
■Setting up and managing a live-food kitchen
■Menu planning and best sources to order from various distributors
■Teaching your own classes and seminars
■Fundamentals of catering and large parties
■Operating a sprout house
■Mastery of 28 live-food entrees
■Experience teaching guests food preparation techniques during weekly food prep classes
■Final project: an opportunity for each student to design a menu and prepare a special meal for our guests

Rainbow Green Live-Food Cusine by Gabriel Cousens MD

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