Eating Good Carbohydrates for Optimum Health

Posted on December 27, 2012


Poi which is made from Taro is also a Hawaiian  Food Staple is a good Carbohydrate and can be included in your diet. Photo by Tina Quizon

Poi which is made from Taro is a Hawaiian Staple is a good Carbohydrate and can be included in your diet. Photo by Tina Quizon


Dr Terry Shintani has been sharing for years, how easy it is to eat more and weigh less, does this sounds impossible?? Maybe, but he has shown and has taught others how to do just that, with his Good Carbohydrates Revolution Diet, Dr Shintani proves you can, “eat more and weigh less.”  He shares that the secret is to “eat the right carbohydrates”.  

That choosing better foods with good carbohydrates has helped others to live a more wholesome healthy life which improves, reduces and controlls not only your cholesterol and high blood pressure, is possible. But his food intake formula has helped alot of people take control of diabetes and high sugar levels in the blood stream. 


 Watch the interview on “Pathways to Paradise TV Show” at the link below:


That it is possible to have optimum health that allows for more productivity, energy and vitality, while reducing health risks, medication levels and doses under your doctors monitoring, care and supervision. These health benefits not only help to reduce the cost of healthcare, but emcompases preventing diseases, better health. And working towards less of a disease model of treatment, saves everyone on costs in the long run. So thinking about your vote in every dollar you spend for your food choice, is another way to see that an extra dollar spent on good carbohydrates, is a dollar less of fighting diseases, high cost of a mulitiple of medications or surgeries to remove cancers, etc. Learn more about eating good carbohydrates in his talk on our TV show “Pathways to Paradise” this sunday at 8:30 pm CH 55 in Honolulu or worldwide on the internet at click on the Oahu livestream logo.

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