The need for opportunities of Capital & Liquidity for Women Veterans in Business

Posted on December 21, 2012


It’s essential to not only for our US Economy but globally, that we create opportunities of Capital & Liquidity for Women Veterans in Business. With the end of 2012 right around the corner and more than half a decade since the fiscal debacles of Wall street and the global banking crisises spiralled the monetary and business sectors into a downturn cycle that is still evident. The importance of bridging the gap of deficiencies in businesses that are owned and run by Women who served in our Armed Forces is a key component in addressing the inadequacies to stabilize the US and global economies and to level the corporate inbalances of the male dominance in all sectors of business and our trade markets.

Support of Women Veterans with Capital and Cash Liquidity is vital to Businesses and our global economies

Support of Women Veterans with Capital and Cash Liquidity is vital to Businesses and our global economies

The US Secretary of the Treasury Timothy Geithner stated to us last year at APEC in Honolulu, that there is a deep need for unconventional monetary instruments that allow for broader access to cash. And yet the trough still sits empty for Women Veterans, and as a veteran myself, I will use my own story as an a prime example, after attempting to fulfil my own business plan and have access to capital to failed, and my business summary was not only dismissed. Caroline Kim of SBDC (Small Business Development Center) who was workimg with the SBA, and Central Pacific bank had touted of having the ability to access cash to business owners, SBDC failed to provide access to cash, then to add insult, I had my intellectual property & business plan stolen by Alan Ma and his corporate lawyers who pretended to not be interested in my Vision and then he shared an almost identical Business Plan at a Pre APEC meeting in Honolulu last spring in front of a large audience of business people.

When will Secretary Geithner and the Federal Reserve Bank get off their duffs and formulate actual fiscal policies that puts the cash capital into the hands of Women Veterans. We need to support Women Veterans who choose to create and run a business verses seeking employment, which is crucial to bring about economic growth and stability. It doesn’t take a Nouriel Roubini to see these deficiencies and flaws in our systems.

In the meantime I will continue to stand at the discount window of the Federal Reserve and wait with the many other Americans. Perhaps some of the money handed out to other banks of countries will fall on the floor or trickle down to the average America.

Also we reached out and visited the Veterans Administration Center here in Honolulu at Tripler, and after being notified by the desk person that they only have employment services and nothing for business owners or entrepreneurs. I then asked to speak to one of the managers, and was met with much hesitation. I shared with the manager our concerns that we found no entrepreneur or business programs to help not only Women Veterans, but all Veterans, and that this is a deep deficiency that is going un-addressed with the VA having no services or programs at the VA for Women Veterans who have or are starting a businesses, or that encourages entrepreneurship, and our hopes that he pass on these concerns to the VA Leadersip. It is our hope that the Secretary of Veterans Affairs, Retired U.S. Army General Eric K. Shinseki will see this gap and focus on administering benefit programs, with access to capital for veterans Business Owners & Entrepreneurs, especially Women Veterans.

Update 1/12/2013, as of January 8, 2013 the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs website has now created a web page of the “Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization” we do applaud this much needed endeavor, but will a webpage without the support of the administrative people to help the business owner at the variuos VA locations throughout the US and actual access to capital be enough to help Small and Disadvantaged Businesses succeed? Also we have been reminded by several sources that with the shoestring budget the new or small business owner is usually on, not all business owners can afford computers, internet or have regular access to internet.

here is a link to the new webpage:

This new site was created and is maintained by the VA Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization, on it you can find some of the following:

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