Creating global engagement for Women Entreprenuers to lead the way in all markets & sectors

Posted on December 8, 2012


Article by Tina Quizon

“Human rights cannot be disconnected from other priorities. They are inextricably linked with all of the goals we strive for in our countries and around the world, ” was the reminder from the U. S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton in her speech to a captive international audience in Dublin Ireland this week. The attendee’s who ranged in their own unique diversity, showed the priority of importance that we all need to place on equality and Equal Human Rights for everyone.

As Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton highlighted our global progress, she also talked about the critical need of removing obstacles & uplifting Women Globally. As for myself and my ability to use Multi-media and my TV Show “Pathways to Paradise” I was compelled to expound on my use of the tools of communication to not only educate others but to bring necessary dialogues & issues to the forefront. As the level of need for critical understanding grows, we continue to set about to bring more exposure to the concerns for such vital lifelines like adequate cash liquidity & capital, along with the challenges Women are facing as Women Entrepreneurs and Business leaders for recognition of thier contributions, intellectual property protection, etc with our past & latest TV Interviews about Women in business as well as STEM.

For without the acknowledgement and committment by people & nations in enterprise, Economics, business and global security, to create full opportunities for Women Enterprenuers to obtain successful engagement we will continue upon the current stalled pathway and the measure of progress for democracy, ecomonic growth will decline and stagnat. It’s important to emphasize the vitality of creating opportunities, support and global engagement for Women Entreprenuers to lead the way in all markets & sectors.

Watch our interview with Entreprenuer, Inventor and Business Owners Dr Sandra Rose Michael, as she shares the challenges and successes of being an entreprenuer and Woman Business owner, her decades of research, and committment to being a mentor and example to other women in finding their own pathways in the global markets & sectors of business.

Global Women Entrepreneur Awards 2012

The broadcast airs this Sunday on “Pathways to Paradise TV Show ” with Dr Sandra Rose Michael and Tina Quizon talking about “Women In Stem” (OAHU 55 08:30 pm Hawaii Time) or view the broadcast at the same time worlwide on the website at click on the OAHU livefeed.