The unfair & injustice treatment of people of minorities in our U.S. legal justice system

Posted on December 3, 2012


This interview was filmed on location in Seattle WA at the Law offices of one of the prominent Attorneys in the state of Washington for criminal defense, upholding justice and defending Civil rights of individuals – Mr. John Kannin.

Do we engage in personal and social responsibility to care for each other, and in our inter actions with each other? What are our gestures toward each other, in our relationships, in our friendships, and with people we meet on the street, the passer by’s, in the media, and communities?How many of us actually express in our day to day activities compassion, understanding, dignity in acknowledging another human beings self worth, and in our judicial systems these failures are even more perverse?

With the United States having the highest numbers of incarcerations John Kannin addresses the corruption of the system and the deep divide between the have and the have nots, especially in the unfair & injustice treatment of people of minorities in our legal justice system. His knowledge, expertise and experience in successfully defending the individual rights of others through the Criminal Justice systems can be traced back for decades. And with our ongoing dialogue for “real change in the over reliance of incarceration of people of minorities” with experts across Hawaii & the nation.

And now more than ever we need action and dialogues to address the continued injustices in our legal systems and of the devaluation of countless deceased victims such as Kollin Elderts, Vincent Chin, Travon Martin, while letting off the hook the perpetrators of such heinous hate crimes.

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