Does Pimco really have confidence in the United States? by Tina Quizon

Posted on November 24, 2012


by Tina Quizon written Aug 8 2011

After another day of lack luster from the culmination of decades
greed and ill-will in the U.S. Financial Markets. We decided to ask “If Pimco is so confident
about the U. S. then why don’t they invest in the U.S. instead of
having a portfolio full of foreign investments”?
And why do all the major media groups like Bloomberg, Wall Street Journal, Reuters and CNN avoid looking at “the proof in the pudding” of PIMCO’s portfolio’s and asking Mohamed
A. El-Erian and Bill Gross and others just that. Yet looking at a lot
of who is blaming President Obama, they themselves have turned their
investments away from the United States, while trying to convince
hard working America’s to keep their dollar’s and investments in
the United States and to trust Wall Street.
It seems as if it is a case of “Do as I say not as I do”,
is what is being offered by these so called experts, but what is
there true agenda?
Is it a bigger plan and trap to collaspe the United States, and should people continue to accept
the games being played not only in the U.S. but in the worldwide markets?

And will a new injection of Quantitative Easing being touted by many, that
will be the third QE for the United States, only put more large bonuses
into the pockets of Bankers and Corporate Financiers, while many are
scrapping to put food on the table and keep a roof over their heads.
Ask yourself what is really going on? Are we heading for not a Recession, but a Depression, here in the United States. And do those leaders chatting their advice truly (from the individuals in Government, Banking, corporations, Wall Street) have the people of Amercia best interest and the interest of the Global community in their hearts and mind or is it the Power, Money and Greed? Is the bottom line of their ROI and Balance sheets “PEOPLE OR MONEY”?

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