A few reasons why Olelo disregards transparency

Posted on November 3, 2012


After numerous refusals to my request to Olelo President and CEO Mr. Roy K. Amemiya, Jr. for documents and records that should be made available to the public and constituents. I appealed my request to the Offices of Informational Practices, and to my dismay received the same kind of treatment that Olelo’s CEO Roy has demonstrated. And in fact the letter from Carlotta Amerino, the Staff Attorney, states that “Because Olelo is not a State agency that is subject to the UIPA, OIP is unable to consider your request for an appeal of Olelo’s denial of access to records.”

Our question remains why is Olelo a State agency (noted by Carlotta Amerino) exempt from OIP, Uniform Information Practices Act (UIPA) and the sunshine laws?? As written in the the response letter to me from Carlotta Amerino, Staff Attorney, we put a copy of the response letter below in our link..

So I was refused access to documents and records by Olelo and now by our Hawaii state government’s Office of Information Practices (OIP). And this is an ongoing concern, that I am hearing is not only to myself to be denied my rights, my rights to access, my participation, transparency. But this failure and refusal to not give me copies of the requested documents is a denial of the public’s rights to participation & transparency.

Claims are also building, that even at the State Capital and within our legislature are having concerns, and the questions are flying that some of Olelo’s secrecy may live within several concerns, and that there is no way to substantiate anyone’s questions and concerns or these claims that are now being ask at the State Capital according to sources:

That having 5 directors at Olelo and with most making closer to or over One Hundred Thousand dollars each a year as their annual salary, very close to the amount of what Roy Amemiya makes annually. How can Olelo not have enough money for others things in its budget when its paying its directors almost the same as the CEO???

That when Greg Davis was hired he was a replacement for Meredith, but some how Meredith was allowed to keep her title and her large salary, and was not demoted to a manager as planned. According to some folks the only thing that shrunk was her workload, since many claim she is doing less and less of her job. Is this the intended or best use of the funding??

And again there is no way to substantiate, those salaries, wages or any of the ongoings or innner working of Olelo because they are except.

So, Gee., let’s fast forward or maybe back, I am no longer even sure at this point, its so crazy, and look at the wonder of our University of Hawaii blunders, have we not learned our lessons yet as a community that when these things happen, and the public is denied accountability, transparency, not to mention of the individual citizen and community is denied having participation in the over site and participation in the very services that are supposed to serve our community.

Maybe we could of had a different outcome if these egress concerns of transparency, accountability, high salary compensation for directors and over staffing had been reviewed before the decision was made of the new $50.00 fees for mini -studio use that Olelo will charge to the individual producers and other community producers, but not to government. Because according to Roy and his staff an “Opinion” letter by the Attorney General’s office, says Olelo can’t charge Government for Olelo Services, and Olelo is quick to give the public a fee for services, and yet Glenn Booth of Capital TV gets a contract, and charges for his services?? But again, the request for the Opinion letter has even been denied, so we can’t verify that either. And this could be just the tip of the iceberg, since no one really know Olelo’s agenda or motivation???

As I have experienced first hand, when told by Olelo Management, oh no we are not interested in particpating at APEC, we can’t help you at APEC, and then next thing you know the Olelo Staff was at APEC showing off the new LIVE U Capabilities and making sure to try to “outdo” the other Local Media outlets like KHON2 Hawaii’s News and KGMB Hawaii News Now, to make sure that the other Local Hawaii media outlets knew the Olelo Staff could create the same quality content and broadcast, as bolstered in a statement to me by Roy Amemiya, when I filed a complaint to the DCCA about Olelo’s actions and behavior at APEC.


And to add insult onto our community of Olelo’s secrecy is now the participation of our state government to follow suite, to refuse and denied the very public it is supposed to serve access to documents, information and the process of having open and transparent government in Hawai`i and of the real inner going on of Olelo.

OFFICE OF INFORMATION PRACTICES response letter to Tina Quizon

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