Tsunami warning prompts Hawaii Governor and Mayor to want to restrict water, gas and food

Posted on October 28, 2012


Mayor Peter Carlise announced to the Oahu public that he would be shutting off the Island water system. His announcement was made on Saturday evening Oct 27, live at the Oahu Civil Defense center to residents by the local TV news stations. With another report by the Governor Abercrombie’s Press person Donalyn Dela Cruz from the Civil Defense center, that we are watching you, and that the Governor has excercised his powers of Office to deem that no Gas or Food should be obtained and sold during the Tsumani warning. Leaving many residents worried that if a critical Tsunami hits, they would be left without adequate water, food and gas to survive any aftermath.

Also a crucial error in a Math calculation by officials for sea levels and tsunami generation estimates may have delayed warnings that could help people prepare for the Tsunami event.

Hawaii is over 2,000 miles away from any other land mass, are we ready for the next Natural Disaster?? Watch our TV SHow about Food and Energy security, does Hawaii have an effective “Emergency Energy Management Plan” and do we have Food Security should a Natural Disaster hit our remote Islands.


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