Domestic Violence “Doesn’t Discriminate” part 3 Lighting the pathway to hope

Posted on September 28, 2012


Join others in shining a purple light and lighting the pathway to hope, “Paint the Town Purple” by participating in bringing awareness and what for one person could mean finding the strength and walking away to safety from Domestic Violence. As October draws closer so does the reminders that we all have more work to do, to put our own selfishness aside and to think about some one who may need our help, to hear and to learn about the support and ongoing efforts to bring out in the open the hurts and shame of living with Domestic violence.

If you know some one currently living in Domestic Violence or you suspect some one may be living in a highly volatile situation, we got some suggestions from others who have lived through and walked away from Domestic Violence, they told us these are some of the things that may have helped them to get out earlier from the DV situation:

1) give them information to some of the Domestic Violence Assistance organizations, here are a few agencies:

Child & Family Services shelters hotline 841-0822,

Honolulu Police Family Violence Detail 529-3115

PACT, Parents And Children Together DV 526-2200

Domestic Violence Action Center (DVAC) 531-3771

Windward Shelter 528-0606

2) Find out if they have a safe place to go, to sleep and to get out of danger

3) See if they need other help & support, like a meal, some clothes or shoes, a ride or bus fare, a place to put important papers or a temporary space to store a few personal items if they have left the situation or once they leave.

4) Keep in touch with the person, remind them to stay safe, and if your comfortable you may want to let them know you are available to talk anytime if they need too.

5) Reassurance that every human being goes through some kind of challenges in their life journey, find strength and safety in the support of other you can trust.

6) Don’t be afraid find and to ask for help of DV support agency’s they are not there to judge you, many have gone through the same journey as you.

Get involved, participant and share with others the upcoming events around Hawaii, we found out about “shining a purple light” for DV awareness and wanted to share it with you.

In a press release from “PACT” below they share the upcoming “PAINT THE TOWN PURPLE” FOR DOMESTIC VIOLENCE AWARENESS event information –

HONOLULU (September 2012) – In recognition of Domestic Violence Awareness Month in October, Parents And Children Together (PACT) and the Hawaii State Coalition Against Domestic Violence will encourage the community to help “Paint the Town Purple” by participating in various fun and impactful purple-themed activities throughout the month. PACT has developed family-, business- and Facebook-friendly “painting” options, all with the sole purpose of showing support for the fight against domestic violence.

“One in four women will experience domestic violence at one point in their lifetime but often times you won’t hear about it because a lot of the victims feel ashamed and embarrassed,” said Marci Lopes, PACT Program Director, Domestic Violence Programs. “PACT helps victims heal and get back on their feet through multiple programs and service offerings, but the most powerful resource we have to put an end to domestic violence is right here among our community members. Our “Paint the Town Purple” campaign is the perfect opportunity to show your support and we encourage everyone – businesses, families and individuals – to participate.”

PACT’s “Paint the Town Purple” activities include:

Shine Purple Lights ~ A shining light or beacon has the power to guide someone along a safe path; it represents hope and inspiration for a brighter future. PACT invites local businesses, building owners and private homeowners to illuminate their buildings or homes with purple lights to show support for those fighting for a better, brighter future, free of domestic violence.

Wear Purple ~ Teams wear matching jerseys to indicate that they are a unified group of people fighting for a common goal. On Friday, October 5, PACT welcomes the general public to join their team in the fight against domestic violence by wearing purple clothing or a purple ribbon. Purple ribbons will be handed out in the downtown Honolulu area on October 5. To request a ribbon, contact us at or call (808) 847-3285.

Create a Purple Space ~ Refugees find comfort and safety in a city or country other than their own. PACT encourages businesses and residents to create or decorate a purple space in their home or office to demonstrate their support in helping domestic violence victims find and cultivate safe and healthy living environments. “Painters” can submit images of their Purple Space to PACT’s Facebook page:

Post a Web Banner or Facebook Cover Image ~ People wave a flag or banner to publicly declare their belief in something or someone. PACT invites businesses and individuals to upload a specially created Web Banner or Facebook Cover Image to their website or Facebook page as a way publicly declare their support in the fight against domestic violence. To download the Web Banner and Facebook Cover Image, visit

For more information surrounding “Paint the Town Purple,” visit

Founded in 1968, Parents And Children Together (PACT) is one of Hawaii’s leading non-profit organizations providing a wide array of innovative and educational social services to families in need. Assisting more than 16,000 people annually, PACT helps families identify, address and successfully resolve challenges through its 15 statewide programs, Among its services are treatment programs, support for domestic abuse victims, youth activities, financial and child literacy programs and initiatives for early childhood education. For more information about PACT, please visit