“NUCLEAR SAVAGE” exposes the Human Radiation experiments & the Radioactive fallout in 1954

Posted on September 27, 2012


The Bravo Hydrogen Bomb Blast on March 1, 1954 took away not only the innocence of a people who lived in a Paradise, but their health and their well being. The Bomb also poisoned the land and the Ocean resources surrounding Rongelap & the Marshall Islands. In an inhumane act that the United States turned into a study of humans who were exposed to radiation in a top secret Government project that was called Project 4.1.

This was the beginning of the demise of a society, of the people we coined as “savages”, their health and disregard for a human being that unfortunately continues today. As many of the people of Rongelap & the Marshall Islands migrate to many parts of the globe, here in Hawaii many Marshalles are not even treated with respect or the basic human decency. It is a sad fact of our modern times and of our injustices toward our fellow man, here in Honolulu were many Marshallese have come to try to better their own health and their families health after severe exposure to radiation, and yet they are look upon as 2nd class citizens. I have witnessed many people of our Hawaiian Islands and other fellow Americans of showing no understanding or compassion, and continue to complain about people that we robbed of their life, their very health and well being.

This is a true story that is long overdue in telling. And finally this year at the Hawaii International Film Festival (HIFF) Adam Jonas Horowitz, shares this heart breaking true story of the Castle Bravo nuclear test at Bikini Atoll that brought radiation upon the people of the Marshallese that they were being used as ‘guinea pigs’ in a ‘radiation experiment’.

The study was organized on March 6 or March 7, 1954, six days after the Bravo shot, the Human Radiation experiments created a new research area called the Program 4, “Biomedical effects,” and was to include one project, Project 4.1, titled “Study of Response of Human Beings exposed to Significant Beta and Gamma Radiation due to Fall-out from High-Yield Weapons.”

Adam Jonas Horowitz who shot his first film in the Marshall Islands in 1986, and was shocked by what he found there in this former American military colony in middle of the Pacific Ocean. Radioactive coconuts, leaking nuclear waste repositories, and densely populated slums were all the direct result of 67 Cold War U.S. nuclear bomb tests that vaporized islands and devastated entire populations.

Twenty years later, Adam returned to these islands to make this shocking political and cultural documentary exposé titled ‘Nuclear Savage:The Islands of Secret Project 4.1.’ This award winning feature length documentary is a heartbreaking and intimate ethnographic portrait of Pacific Islanders struggling for dignity and survival after of decades of intentional radiation poisoning at the hands of the American government. Relying on recently declassified U.S. government documents and devastating survivor testimony, this untold and true detective story reveals how U.S. scientists turned a Pacific paradise into a radioactive hell, using Marshall islanders as human guinea pigs for three decades to study the effects of nuclear fallout on human beings.

The film will screen on October 18 at 9:15 PM Thursday, at the Dole Cannery C, tickets are on sale now at the HIFF website http://program.hiff.org/films/detail/nuclear_savage_2012

You can learn more & watch the trailer at the link below:

Six minute Preview / Trailer of NUCLEAR SAVAGE, a feature length film Produced and Directed by Adam Jonas Horowitz.

Cast & Crew
Director Adam Jonas Horowitz
Screenwriter Adam Jonas Horowitz
Producer Johanna Giebelhaus, Adam Jonas Horowitz
Cinematographer Peter Blystone, Adam Jonas Horowitz
Editor David Leach, Adam Jonas Horowitz