Domestic Violence “Doesn’t Discriminate” part 2

Posted on September 26, 2012


October is Domestic Violence Awareness month, lets not wait for the next ambulance to take someone away. Bring out your voice, inform and support, help someone walk away from the hurts and the shame.

In our first article of our ongoing series, on Domestic Violence “Doesn’t Discriminate”, we wrote about the things you should think about if you have a violent partner or your currently in danger. How to create a safety plan and the importance of having a safety plan to get out. It’s is vital to take some steps and make a safety plan.

Domestic Violence isn’t only happening to women, even though statistic show more women become victims, that many men, transgenders and children may go through Domestic Violence in their lives. Domestic violence and abuse is not limited to obvious physical violence, it can also mean sexual abuse, emotional abuse, endangerment, economic deprivation, criminal coercion, kidnapping, unlawful imprisonment, trespassing, harassment, and stalking.

The Domestic Violence Action Center suggests giving yourself a risk assessment test which could potentially indicate if you are at high risk and should contact someone to assist you with a safety plan.

Here is a list of some of the questions you can ask yourself:

Risk Assessment Test

1) The Abuser Physically abused the victim

20 Abuser is obsessive and possessive

3) The Physical violence has increased in frequency

4) The Physical violence has increased in severity

5) Access to firearms

You can find out more questions to ask or do the risk assessment online at this link:

Become an active participant on Oahu join the March for Domestic Violence Awareness “kNOw More” on

Saturday Oct 6, 2012 at 9AM in Waianae in front of the
Hale Na’au Pono’s Pahoa Building
Between Golden House & Waianae Drug Store “Hui Hana Pono”

March starts at 10am to 11:45am, with a presentation & Closing remarks at the staging area of the march

For information contact the Ka Wahi Kaiaulu – Neighborhood Place at (808) 696-4598 Barbie

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