Olelo “As our voices shrink, so does our pocket book” Community Television

Posted on September 17, 2012


“As our voices shrink, so does our pocket book,” should be the new slogan for Olelo Community Media. As the Olelo Mini-Studio sits empty at Mapunapuna center waiting for the next Candidate to come in and do their spill.

Questions are flying about the latest new issue to the Indivdual Community Producers a new fee of $50.00 fee, which will be another blow to their Pocket books. The new $50.00 fee will be charged to use the Mini Studio services. Many Indivdual Community Producers told me that hitting Community Producers in the Pocket book is not surprising, we pay some of the highest Food & Gas prices in the nation, it’s just one more way to try to suppress the very voices Olelo is suppose to be serving, We the People.

Olelo “As our voices shrink, so does our pocket book” Community Television

And we are asking, why, and is it jusified? Another example of Olelo serving the people, but this time in a form of a new bill for services. And what is next for the individual community producers. Also will this policy be the same for everyone including the O‘ahu nonprofits, churches and community organizations, the candidates. And the Hawaii State Government side who has a whole Media facility at its disposal at the Hawaii State Capital? You don’t see anyone questioning the Hawaii State Capital and our Government use of our Olelo services that benefit all the Islands, and yet the State Capital has their own state budget for media, why not bill the State Capital for there use of Olelo services, our Governor, the Mayor, and the other people in government won’t talk about this and aren’t worried about the individual community producers, yet they want your votes. A $50.00 fee for services is just one more way to try to silence individuals, and to taken away our freedom of speech, freedom of press.

Update Sept 18, 2012 I received a Phone Call from the President & CEO of Olelo Mr. Roy Amemiya, he went on to tell me he was notifying me that he had personally removed my post on the Olelo CM Facebook, and that he did not want it on our Olelo CM Facebook site as it is negative to Olelo and to our Government. He went on to tell me that because Government might find my post and article offensive, and that the DCCA and the Chief Justice will not like my post and my article.

Read our written response to Mr. Roy Amemiya President & CEO of Olelo: Letter to Olelo President & CEO Roy Amemiya

We also spoke about other issues with Olelo “They only served themselves” and the concerns of our freedom of speech in Jan 2012, see the copy of the DCCA’s letter and the lack of response to my complaint and read the full article by clicking on the link below: