Kids getting the Rail?? at Manana Skate Park in Pearl City

Posted on September 17, 2012


Kids at Manana Skate Park enjoy and afternoon of being outside.

Kids on Skate boards flying through the air, backpacks lined up in an orderly fashion full of school books and homework. Its’a typical afternoon at Manana Skate park in Pearl City, but the kids of Manana Skate park have begun to worry, community members are saying the park needs to be closed, that it’s just a dwelling place for loitering and other negative activities. And yet it is part of a multi complex park area, were you can see kids playing basketball, some at football, some just running around . So why are these skateboard kids being singled out like 2nd class citizens? How can one side of the park be okay and safe and not another side?

The gathering of kids, is not only from the Pearl City area, but kids of all colors and backgrounds, from around the leeward area & , all over the Island of Oahu meet up here regularly to enjoy being outside, being together, laughing and skateboarding. Actually doing what most adults and community leaders are complaining that kids are not doing enough of getting outside and exercising.

More than ever we adults talk about the need for kids to get outside and away from the TV & the Computer monitors, and not texting, in exchange for exercise and enjoying the outdoors. But are we giving kids a double edge rule, while telling them to get outdoors, The Manana kids feel that they are getting the bad rap.

The kids said they have no one to stand up for them, and continue to hear these concerns that people in the community are asking the Neighborhood board, and the Mayor’s office to close Manana Skate park. And they are asking why, and what other alternatives
are they going to be given to enjoy skateboarding. Since this is one of the few safe places to pracitice and do what the enjoy, and because it is banded from almost everywhere, especially shopping malls or any public open area. This is often the conversation the kids have been sharing with us after school, as they finishing there tricks, grabbing their pack back and heading to get something to drink to re-hydrate after enjoying the rails and other ramps that the park built and completed in 2005. But are we giving kids the rail? Why would we want to continue to take resources from them?

We contacted the Pearl City Neighborhood board, all they could tell us was there was a question on the floor about the Skateboard Park at Manana in Pearl City, but the minutes had not been completed and they were not sure what the issue was.

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