President Barack Obama called me

Posted on September 7, 2012


And on all of us fellow American’s to stand up and make your voice matter. He said “our road is longer but we will travel it together, knowing that providence is with us.” President Barack Obama, reminded us in his speech at the Democratic Convention that, “I never said this journey would be easy.”

President Barack Obama "A future built by the American People"

President Barack Obama “A future built by the American People”

The President spoke about how it will be the American people united together that will be the change, and bring us through these hard economic challenges, its time to do the Nation Building here on our own home front. That the 4 Billion Dollars in “Corporate Welfare” for the Big Oil Companies, is a thing of past mistakes. And the American people will no longer tolerate the wasted Billions to the big Banks, corporations and lenders. The President reminds us that “America needs” is to a future built by the American People for all American’s, and a future that is not for the benefits of a select corporate few.

Watch our “Pathways to Paradise” TV Show coverage of President Obama at the Honolulu APEC, sharing the importance of America ability to expand its exports & services into the 21 Asia Pacific countries that make up the APEC region: