Andres Aquino continues to light up the world stage of Fashion with Couture Fashion Week

Posted on September 4, 2012


For over a decade now, Andres Aquino, has continued to light up the world stage of Fashion with his Couture Fashion Week. And the Fashion World, Fashion Guru’s & people, New York City and the Waldorf Astoria are all holding their breathes in anticipation of what Andres Aquino’s newest Couture Fashion Week Venue has in store for everyone. And it looks like Andres will not disappoint us, creating and bridging not only the world of fashion, but some very important Social concerns of our global Children and the lack of Education and the basic Human needs for our children to live, grow and to be able to prosper, and become the future leaders of our world, that will speak to the very core of our global community, society and Humanity. It’s being touted as “Fashion & Beyond”, speaking to the importance of these dialogues of action to “Safeguarding the Education of Children in Conflict Zones and Fragile States”.

Beautiful Vibrant designs featured at the “2011 Couture Fashion Week” in NYC photo by Tina Quizon

Merging fashion, with our individual, social, community and corporate responsibility to the future of our children, Couture Fashion Week New York is also supporting The Water Initiative®: Clean Water, Healthy Life™ among-st the social causes and a holding international business development conference with the backdrop of the Fashion stage, in partnership with the Eng Aja Eze Foundation and in collaboration with several member states of the United Nations, as well as such organizations as UNICEF, UNESCO, UN WOMEN, UNDP, UNHCR and more.

Other important news about this years Couture Fashion Week, is that Elie Esper Returns to Couture Fashion Week as Official Hair Stylist with Exquisite Designs. Along with great hair and makeup, the Designer names of such Icons as Madhu Munyal are slated to present a Modern Glamorous Collection, and Amal Sarieddine returns to Couture Fashion Week New York with the “Latest Luxurious Collection”, “Innovative Indo-Italian” Designs by Citrolina to Sparkle at Couture Fashion Week, to name a few of the prominent designers from cross the Global Fashion Industries and countries of Russia, Lebanon, Spain, Romania, India, The Philippines, and the USA. The Fashion shows will be held September 15, 16 and 17 at 4:00, 6:00 and 8:00 pm in the fabulous Grand Ballroom of New York’s Waldorf-Astoria, and the Social & international business conferences will be in conjunction with the Couture Fashion Week followed by after parties each evening.

Andres Aquino’s past events have set the fashion standards and have been covered internationally by all the large media & press outlets from around the world. And the Fall 2011 Couture Fashion Week, was a personal journey for me, as it was covered by yours truly “me” Tina Quizon. The 2011 Fall show was spectacular, not only because of the designs, but more importantly the people, and being that I was the only media source from the Islands of Hawaii there to cover this event, I had no idea that I would feel the “Aloha Spirit” which represents our Hawaiian Island so far away from home, but in all places “New York City”. But here it was,and I felt it, during Couture Fashion Week, with meeting, interviewing and working with so many talented designers, models, media & professionals in the fashion industry. And I can’t help but to reflect and to mention the impact it made on me, how fabulous it was to see all media partners welcoming each other, collaborating and helping each other to create there best works, with all the video, print and internet coverage, making this for me, truly a first class world event, as Andres and the media professional reminded everyone “to jump in get their best shot, video, story and to get our work done.” I carried the Couture Fashion Week’s stories and examples back with me, here to Honolulu, and have shared it with many here in Hawaii and I feel it continues to make me a better Journalist and TV Producer. Because it was that energy, love and caring for each other, and that we all had a job to do. Together we all experienced a remarkable inspiration of energy showcasing the Designer, the Models, Hair & Makeup and all the backstage support and sponsors that make a tremendous impact on the fashion world and consumers. Andres Aquino, the Couture Fashion week creator & the NYC Media outlets had welcomed me with VIP access,so much grace and warmth, showing that the Aloha spirit is alive even in New York City, Mahalo Andres (thank you) again for making the 2011 event so memorable. I am sure this year will be even more exciting, trend setting and memorable.

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