“The Essence of Gold” Movie Teaser, a SciFi suspense filled action drama

Posted on August 27, 2012


Based on a true story, the “Essence of Gold” Film Epic (Teaser) follows the story of a TV producer that is asked by a group of global individuals to use her Journalistic Multi Media out reach to cover a top secret project that reaches far into Humanity’s understanding of the Infinite Energy of the universe, and our knowledge of science into Astrophysics’s, creation, signals, frequency’s and financial currents. as Science and our modern civilization’s reality is challenged by a signal that the Scientific community, Global Governments and Military Intelligence are not able to encompass the total grandeur of its meaning and impact into our Global Systems and Structures. Effecting everything from our Energy production, Financial Markets and Humanity’s Potential. The understanding wager’s man’s ability to make the quantum leap into the next levels of progress and survival not only for Mankind but the World.

“The Essence of Gold” Teaser is an introduction by Tina Quizon in association with Pathways to Paradise TV Show, to “The Essence of Gold” the full length Film, which is a SciFi suspense filled action drama.

Will Mankind be able to wait for the understanding and discovery, or will the Global leaders and countries destroy each other before unveiling the secrets of “The Essence of Gold”.

This teaser preview was produced and edited by Tina Quizon and showcased during the New York International Film Festival. Tina shared about the collaboration & production of the upcoming Trailer and full length movie, “The Essence of Gold” will take Movie goers audiences across several Continents following the International groups action packed drama in the discovery not only of the Gold but many other secrets of Mankind and the Universe.

Musical score by Ralph Rieckermann.