The Unspoken side of Homelessness

Posted on July 22, 2012


What are the challenges for people who don’t have a roof over their head, does our society, city, state and government really address the causes and solutions to homelessness… or do we turn a blind eye and add insult to injury by adding stigma’s of misunderstanding? Often judging the individual sight seen, calling homeless people bum’s or as deserving of the situation, lazy and other hateful unjustified comments. This is a concern and issue that needs to be addressed at all levels, as we could each be less than a night, a paycheck or hardship away from being homeless. Find out what others are doing below:

Thank you to Mr. Carroll Cox for the following excerpts, research and details :

Listen to this informative radio interview on The Carroll Cox Show, view the details from Carroll talks with David Canell, who told his story of how it is to be sick and homeless, and how it happened to his family. He and his wife Evelyn, have been married for over 20 years, starting out with their own hopes and dreams, degrees and jobs. David is now in a wheelchair and lives at the Next Step shelter in Kakaako. His wife, Evelyn, who was diagnosed with schizophrenia and lives in a Kailua park, recently broke her hip and was taken to the hospital. Evelyn shared with Carroll previously that the hospital put her in a taxi and sent her back to the park. He also talks with a caller who is a hard working individual who can’t afford the high cost of rent here in Hawaii and lives at the shelter.

The following information above is from excerpts, credit, research & details of the Carroll Cox Show

We also found that many of the shelters are quick to ask you to get to their location or reception to fill out a form so they can collect more data for more money from donors or grants, while not willing to tell you upfront if they actually have a space available. This puts many homeless folks & families in more hardship since they may spend there last dollars just to get to the shelter, fill out the form and then be turned away to again sleep out in the open. It’s not only individuals but also families who are unprotected, in a hostile environment of harassment by law enforcement, communities and government officials who create more burdens, laws and rules..

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With Samson Ka’ala Reiny, Michael Ullman as they discuss other concerns seen and affecting those who are unfortunate to have no roof over their head or place to call home, follow link below:

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