Were is the ability to view television with over-the-air signal in Hawaii?

Posted on July 11, 2012


With the current black out of KITV on Oceanic Time Warner Cable, it begs to ask a bigger question, were is the ability to view television in your home with an “over-the-air signal” in Hawaii? As most of you have experienced in your home trying to view any local TV program without the purchase of services from Oceanic Time Warner Cable or DIRECTV, the DISH network or Hawaiian Telcom to get local television programming is virtually null to impossible. Can someone tell me who here on the Island of Oahu can get an over-the-air signal??

 And does this current black out of KITV speak to a bigger problem that everyone should be asking, what is the danger of not being able to view local television channels through over-the-air signals?

So many of you perhaps are asking yourself, so what, why should that matter? Well lets just look at this current situation, now imagine that this scenario happens to all the other TV Stations.

Is anyone ready to disconnect or to be disconnected?

We forgot how our modern society is so dependent on being able to connect and view TV through the large conglomerates who sell us there services, so we can view the TV shows we like. And its not just the addiction and codependency of TV, we should think about, our internet, our cell phones and even the need of basic electricity to function in our daily lives.

And here in Hawaii we take all this for granted that it will always be there for us, never really asking the what if question. Yet the recent storms on the east coast have jolted many to the understanding just how vulnerable each individual and community is to this very concern. Most of our countries utilities have become energy monopolies that pay large sums to shareholders while continuing to increase rates to its customers. These utilities are the very ones who when the lights go out from any major event take days to restore power to its customers, here on Oahu the Waianae coast is a perfect example of a community has constant issues of power outages when things go wrong or a natural disaster strikes. Yet the above ground electric poles line on the coastline of the west side stand out in at a distance just waiting for the next hurricane or strong winds to topple them down.

Yet many people will just snuggle up this evening in front of the TV and never really contemplate what could happen if the very things we take for granted are not available for our use.