Admiral Robert Wilard’s “APEC statement of Intent” failed to provide quick solution to Power Outages in the Eastern United States

Posted on July 3, 2012


In November in Honolulu, as Admiral Robert Wilard and 4 other top officals signed the Joint ‘Statement of Intent’ to Strengthen Regional Disaster Risk Reduction and Resilience, we questioned the ability of the our current government, military, utility companies, the work force, our disaster plans and strategies to quickly address and restore power during natural disasters. 

We continued to try to expand the dialog, referring to past power outages from the snow storms on the east coast that left millions without electricity for days, and this weekend severe Derecho Storm proves that this problem of losing power and having no electricity again seems to not be properly addressed. 

The group assured us that our concerns and this problem is not warranted. That they have capabilities to restore power quickly or to provide large portable power generators to get electricity to communities.  



If there is no problem or concerns, then why is it that as of this morning in Washington DC alone, more than one million customers were still without power and electricity 4 days after the storm hit on Friday. And it was not only the electricity that was not available, but 911 services, cell phones and many vital communication lines and internet systems were also knocked out by the Derecho Storm that tore across many states. This can have a tremendous negative impact on the local economies and peoples lives. If you look at the distribution of electricity it also effects Medical services, commerce, fuel supplies, water and Military capabilities for readiness.

So were is our energy security? Were was the planning in advance for recovery?