Serve & “PROTECT” was not the order of the day by the NAVY, as fire spread through Waianae

Posted on June 5, 2012


Serve & “PROTECT” was not the order of the day by the NAVY, as fire spread through Waianae

The Waianae fire is over more than 2,000 acres and still burning, it started inside the NAV MAG Lualualei. And many are commenting that school kids must have started the blaze, but a true assessment is that this started behind ammunition bunkers in the middle of a Military Installation. So let’s stop being quick to blame the kids, since clearly there were no school kids on this Military Installation.. Also missing was any strong force of Military Personnel, no Military helicopters or any Fire Plan by the Navy and the Pacific Command.

Making this fire even more dangerous was the fact that more than 100 Live ammunition could be heard exploding as the fire spread through the valley’s and ridges by so many homes & families.

And a situation that was extremely dangerous for our courageous Honolulu Fire Department who were left to try and contain a fire that should had been extinguished by the NAV MAG.

Thank you HFD for putting your lives on the line as usual, with over 100 personnel & trucks from all over the island, that responded well into the wee hours of the night and until now day 2, still on the scene with Helicopters, and men on the ground being vigilant to hot spots and flair ups.

Serve & more importantly “PROTECT” was not the order of the day by the military to keep the environment, our community & residences out of harms way from a massive fire that continues to burn & has destroyed a mountain range of trees, native Hawaiian plants and our habitat for so many native wildlife & birds. While clearly taxing our community, our man power, our budget and resources with a burden that should of had a contingency plan in place more than a half a century ago, when the Waianae Coast became part of the storage arena & dump for ammunition by the Military.

See more on this story at KITV 4 News, with video courtesy of Mr Carroll Cox: