They call it Murder..

Posted on May 20, 2012


Then why the Preferential Treatment for the man who shot and killed local boy Kollin Elderts late in the evening on Nov 5, 2011 at McDonald’s here in Waikiki right before the APEC proceedings. So if a drunk man carrying a loaded firearm is allowed to shoot and kill someone, regardless of the job description were is the justice? And why does the victim who is in the grave, again, as in so many deceased victims cases, received and made to be blamed for the actions of another person. In this case an off duty federal agent Christopher Deedy who was not able to control his anger & arrogance as he waived his pistol in the air before shooting the now deceased victim.

Yes he was officially carrying a “government issued weapon”, but if your drunk, and “on duty” as now being taunted in the recent story issued by the Honolulu Star Advertiser on Friday 5/18/2012. Again were is the explanation of being in an official capacity, when Deedy was in fact out with a friend drinking, there was no dignitary needing to be guarded or by his side at this cold blooded event. The only person who needed to be protected and his human rights upheld, is Kollin Elderts, who was instead shot down in cold blooded murder. And his family continues to suffer the loss and indignity of a human being that these latest turn of event bestow on to all of us and continue to plague Humanity, as in the recent Travon Martin case.

Will we continue to allow and watch such abuses of our justice system, especially here in Hawaii who will be the voice, the advocate and cry out for Kollin? Where is the public outrage?? Or will we all just stand on the wayside and hope our-selves, our son’s, daughter’s or even our grand children are not the next victim to this type of unlawful death by someone else’s hatred and inability to control themselves.

The original statements reported that Deedy was off duty. And now he will be allowed to hide behind credentials and even possibly have the charges dismissed. This is murder, nothing more nothing less, and justice needs to be upheld and served, not preferential treatment.

And now more than ever we need action and dialogues to address the continued injustices in our legal systems and of the devaluation of countless deceased victims such as Kollin Elderts, Vincent Chin, Travon Martin, while letting off the hook the perpetrators of such heinous crimes.

Watch our TV interview at the Law offices of one of the prominent Attorneys in the U.S. for criminal defense, upholding justice and defending Civil rights of individuals – Mr. John Kannin.

With the United States having the highest numbers of incarcerations John Kannin address the corruption of the system and the deep divide between the have and the have nots, especially in the unfair & injustice treatment of people of minorities in our legal justice system, and in our judicial systems these failures are even more perverse? Yet if you are white man and have money the chances of real prosecution are lean to none.