Environmental concerns with bulging pipe full of toxic and combustible gases

Posted on May 8, 2012


“Photo by Mr Carroll Cox”-

Environmental concerns with a bulging pipe full of toxic and combustible gases should create a sense of urgency to City & State officials here in Honolulu, but instead a timeline of “within two to three weeks” and mention of a city study was all that was offered by the City Department of Environmental Services director Tim Steinberger.

While passersby, the community and our environment sits in haste with the large pipe that poses a safety threat. Concerns mount about the pipe that was suppose be only a temporary fix several years ago, and has now bulged to the top, becoming a sight for sore eyes, and even more worrisome is the environmental concerns. If the waste water pipe full of gases including chlorine, hydrogen sulfide,sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide, hydrogen chloride, methane, nitric oxide, burst sending contaminants into the water, effecting the fish & birds, plants life should the seam rupture, leak or explode is a disaster just waiting to be unleashed.

Environmental watchdog Carroll Cox of EnviroWatch worries the longer the pipe floats, the more chance of an accident.

“If there’s any type of continuous movement it’s going to weaken something here, possibly the seams,” he said.

There is also a major concern of it creating even more oxygen deficiency, in an already poor water quality canal that has been abused throughout the years by the continous dumping of waste water into the Ala Wai Canal. Adding to the concerns is that it is now going to possibly cost tax payer almost a million dollars to repair.. And the city hopes to pay for the work out of an emergency fund. Our question is ” Why is the original contractor Hawaiian Dredging not responsible to pay for its defective workmanship that has created what looks like a giant turd dropped into the water from King Kong or Godzilla… And where was the detection and monitoring process to allow insight to prevent accidents resulting from the build-up of dangerous gases during water treatment…watch the story on Hawaii News Now…link: