“If that theory is correct” Bernanke mumbles with our cash

Posted on April 26, 2012


“If that theory is correct”, was the best statement that Federal Reserve chairman Bernanke could use to explained today the worldwide mess of our monetary systems. Again trying to convince americans and the global world of how intricate and hard to understand are our monetary system and the theories used to guest-a-mate. But what is so hard to understand about system’s that allow’s for abuse and mismanagement of the peoples money and global currencies? And why do I say global currencies, just read the 2011 Bloomberg report of who has borrowed how much money from the Fed’s discount window, it’s the United States and most large developed(?) countries, and they are all intertwined.

Will personal & commercial gain continue to be the bottom line of government’s, corporation and the legacy we leave to future generations?? One statement he said would be worth analyzing “the people he called not going back to work”. I am sure they are working he just needs to start to recognize as do our government and corporations, what this new form of work and compensation is. It is the individuals “Human Potential”, every person is giving back to society, and until we start to add that to the balance sheets and ROI’s the so called unemployment numbers and jobs will never truly account for what is really going on. And the shift of how people are chosing to be compensated. Don’t discount someone for being more efficient and effect and not needing large salaries or have a huge bonus of hundred’s of thousand of Dollars or a few Millions. And not needing to create more extravagant bundles of currency, insurances or CDO’s, etc, to inflate the value or worth of their balance sheets.

As Bernanke mumbles with our cash, what are the unconventional monetary tools, Bernake & Geithner keep touting, does it allow capital to all, we don’t need or want more loan’s that most people are denied and keep us enslaved. Or are they just giving to the good old boys at the banks and their friends? Adding to the disfunction is Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton who keeps flying around the world “saying equality for all” especially for women and minorities, but until the buck$ stops at everyone’s door how will we see any equality?

It’s reminds me of the article I wrote last year (Aug 2011) for the explorer.com:

“FEDS – BERNANKE” The Wizards of OZ, the man behind the curtain
‘Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain‘, the revealing of the Federal Reserve Bank Secret Window Cash Cow System.
The curtain has finally been lifted and its as if we are watching the “Wizard of Oz” for the first time, dazzled by the Illusion & Magic of our global currents of Money, Americans today and the world were given another peek behind the veils of our Global Monetary Systems. And to manys surprise was the amount (a low estimate) of 1.2 Trllion Dollars was reported by Bloomberg news that was secretly distributed to a Pontius few.
But will it be enough to finally tip the scales, and will people in America and around the world pay attention and take action to hold accountable the Leaders responsible for the Global Mismanagement of the World Monetary Systems?
Or will people just sit by and watch the “Global Financial Crisis” movie and hope Dorothy can just click her Heels and make everything alright and return to the people who have been enslaved by a global monetary system the power and currencies?
Is reality too full of smoke and mirrors for hard working individuals and families to feel any power against such tyrants? While the global Stock Markets unravels and banking schemes continue to put citizens & families out of there homes and on the streets, millions contiune to be unemployed and while the United States number of over reliance on incarceration continues to rise. Is Humanity doomed to a fate that only a 3rd World War Money machine can resolve to decrease the human population and continue the war chests of many nations? Or can President Obama, the White House & other Global Leaders put Humanity first and rise above the ashes and join together with all global citizens at the global table with the voice and monetary benefits that for centuries only the elite have benefited?
As we stand in line at the box office of life what film recording do we want to see? And how will we manage this chapter in the human book of life?